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First of all thank you to Eileen from Consumption Rebellion for her warm welcome. Eileen’s blog is one that greatly inspires me, mainly as she is so generous in showing her journey from someone who doesn’t consider themselves creative to one that does. I will be posting at some  point on chocolate, go and look at her posts on this subject. Thanks also to Verdant1, however you didnt sign in to make your comment so I cant find your blog! Please send it to me so I can start reading your blog. She is also starting out blogging. Its wonderful to have these comments so early on, its really encouraging.

In May this year my local council opened up a new allotment site. As I had complained to the council about being 10th on one list and not being able to get onto another list, they contacted me when they opened up this new site.

As a result I got a whole plot to myself. I was very excited and undaunted by the work. And work it is! Apparently this was a plot in the past – over 5 years ago. As such I had a plot of solid earth, with lots of weeds and worst of allapproximately half the plot was covered in brambles.

Well, I say *was* – *is* covered in brambles is the truth.

However I have been making slow, but steady process on my whole plot. I am hindered by wanting to spend as little money as possible on my plot. I get quite daunted when I look around and see how other people’s look. But then I remind myself that they either have an entire team of people, or they are spending a lot of money on it. When I say ‘team’ I am in no way exaggerating, one plot is looked after by about 8 people who seem to work on it in shifts, their plot is much more productive than mine is!

Since this is the first time in my life I have actually been looking to settle down and have a calmer life than I have in the past I have never had a garden before or anywhere to grow anything. I am very new to gardening and growing food and so I am on a very steep learning curve.

I decided to look at this year as a learning process, primarily as we started quite late in the season and I had no seedlings grown, let alone dug everything over. As the landhasn’t been used for a very long time it is very compacted and hard. Certain parts of my plot are so hard I have to chip the dirt away in my beds, which makes it slow going.

But, although I thought I would enjoy the process and it would be hard work I had completely underestimated how amazing I would find it. I realise this might sound a little strange, but the process of planting a tiny little seed, which then grow into a seedling (sometimes it seems like this happens overnight), which then develops into a plant, which then starts flowering and then giving fruits which I can eat and the plant when it has spent its energy can be composted back down to provide nutrients for the next lot of plants, I find utterly magical. Nature is utterly fantastic!

I will be posting photos with my mistakes and successes soon!


8 thoughts on “New Allotmenteer

  1. Eilleen says:

    ooh I can’t wait to see how you do! I’m also learning how to garden. I was planning on planting over the next few weeks (still winter here and FREEZING!) but some people told me that late September (so 4 weeks into spring) is the better time.

    All the best with your garden!

  2. molly says:

    Welcome to the simple life, remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do:)

  3. juliab says:

    Hi There! Thanks for popping to my blog earlier, and for your links. Sounds like you are starting a very exciting journey and blogging is an excellent way to focus and keep notes. Have you seen my Allotment blog? It might give you a little inspiration for your own new plot. We don’t like to spend much money on it (because we haven’t got tons!!) it’s all about recycling and re-using where possible. Once you’ve got your weeds clear and your beds sorted, it will seem much less daunting! The brambles are good for keeping mice away from your peas, so don’t throw away your clippings. Also, I was sent a link to a Permaculture site yesterday which I found v. interesting, you might too: You might also like The Druid Network website if you haven’t seen it before. Lots of like minded people and brilliant articles on green issues and natural living etc., Have fun! (ps: your email didn’t show up on your comment). xx

    • darkpurplemoon says:

      Hi Julia

      thanks for the comment, I do read your allotment blog, I need to add it to my blogroll as I havent done my allotment blog roll yet! I will look at the druid network site, its not one I have visited before.

  4. verdant1 says:

    Oops, sorry about that.

    I’m at

    All the best with your allotment and the brambles. I’ve found slow and steady the best way to deal with gardening, especially when you’ve got vicious weeds. Anything you can use as a weed-blocking mat is good, too – saves going over the same old ground again and again. One of my friends used old wool carpet (preferably the stuff with the non-synthetic backing) – it gradually becomes compost, but nothing can grow through it.

    I look forward to the photos.

    Many sympathies with the compacted soil – on the bright side, though, you will get a good workout worthy of the meanest gym! I’ve been incredibly lucky at my last two houses to inherit gardens that, while recently neglected, have been well looked after previously, so the soil’s been pretty good (otherwise it’s solid clay round here). Just the weeds to battle!

  5. yes, slow and steady is the way to go forward thats for sure! I woud love to go out and buy weed mats etc ,but I just cannot afford it and my allotment doesnt allow us to use carpet.

    But I feel that I am making progress, which is the important things.

    I will check out your blog!

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