Monsters Inc

First of all, its really nice to be getting comments from people. I have been reading various blogs for a very long time and been a serial lurker, never wanting to post. I thought that people wouldn’t be interested in what I had to say. However, bloggers tend to be a friendly lot and I loved people posting on other’s blogs when I read their blogs. It made me feel part of a community, albeit as an invisible member. So I decided I was going to put my head above the parapet and start to take an active role in this community. So thank you to people who are making me feel welcome in this blogosphere!

My first niece was born recently and I wanted to make something for her. I saw a great article in the Guardian a little while ago and I decided to try it out myself. For those of you outside the UK the Guardian is a liberal broadsheet which has a strong online presence, it has a regular craft section, which is really cool.

I wanted to make monsters!

I enjoyed this project, it was before I got my sewing machine, so it is all hand-sewn.

Left over felt

Left over felt

I cut the felt with pinking shears so avoid having to hem the felt and I got some bells to put into them so that they make a noise when the baby jiggles them.

Shears and bells

Shears and bells

I only hope my niece likes them as much as I enjoyed making them! Im quite pleased with them, although I forgot I didn’t have to sew the first one inside out, so its funky edges are hidden, which is a shame. To save on wrapping paper and to make an extra gift I sewed two of the felt sheets together to make a bag, I was very pleased I remembered how to make these. I know its not complicated, but still!

Monsters and bag

Monsters and bag

So, this is my first sewing craft project in a very long time and I think they are quite funky!


2 thoughts on “Monsters Inc

  1. Eilleen says:

    They look so cute! and just perfect for little hands to shake and play with. Welcome back to crafting!!

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