OMG I’m never going to be able to…..

….be as good as that.

I read a lot of blogs and get overwhelmed at times, mainly in the fields of green and crafty. Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth and Eilleen at Consumption Rebellion are probably the two green blogs that I follow most.

However with Rhonda I often feel that I am not going to be able to live up to her way of life and I envy it quite a lot and another part of me is screaming against it. She often states that we have to follow our own path and out simple life will not be like her simple life. I have to keep repeating that to myself as I read her blog, otherwise I get overwhelmed by it, it makes me feel rubbish for not being like that. I would like to point out that this is in no way Rhonda’s fault.

I realise that this is not a healthy attitude as it can quite easily translate into “well I might as well not bother”. I work through this and do what I can and continue to make steps to get greener as I go on. Taking on one point at a time and running with that, getting it part of my life and routine and then look at another area of my life and how can I improve on that?

But how many people in the world think like that and they just don’t do anything to help the planet? The problem is so huge and people who are making headway are quite radical, so what one person can do is not going to make any difference.

I think the key point (to quote a mega corporation) is every little helps. And little steps can add up to many big steps. One person in a family making an effort can start in ‘infect’ every-one’s thought processes and the rest of the family will do the same. My telling people that I don’t use shampoo and use vinegar as a conditioner shocks them and why I do this, but it might make them think. Hopefully anyway!

Eilleen’s blog is different. Her blog has a different tone to it than Rhonda’s, it seems to be more like a friend talking about her journey honestly and openly, complete with her struggles, which I can empathise with, as well as finding it comforting and gently encouraging!

I read a lot of craft blogs as well and at times I find them paralysing! There are so many cool projects and really, really talented people out there who seem to be able to just create these amazing things out of nowhere and with little effort.

I find it difficult to cut fabrics because I am so scared of screwing it up! My mind seems to think “I can’t create something as amazing as this, that or the other, so I shouldn’t start”. Like I said, paralysing.

So, what am I saying? Sometimes it is not good to read other people’s blogs too much as it can put you off of your own journey. Not only that, but the whole time you are reading you are not doing. But at other times they can be greatly inspiring, as usual a happy medium is the way forward!


9 thoughts on “OMG I’m never going to be able to…..

  1. Eilleen says:

    Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. Yours and others encouragement in my journey have meant quite a bit to me and certainly made a huge difference in my path to lead a more sustainable life.

    And oh I can relate so much to what you say! There are some very amazing people out there huh and it can be quite daunting – especially when they seem to do so much and I think that there is no way I can do/match that!

    As you say, its all about the little steps that we can take – sometimes our steps will mirror each other and sometimes differ.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. […] live a sustainable, eco-friendly life, but struggle with the day-to-day mechanics of this, so this blog post at Dark Purple Moon really resonated with me – thanks, […]

  3. juliab says:

    One of my favourite sayings which is a quaker proverb that I apply to the feeling of being overwhelmed ..

    “It’s better to light one small candle, than to curse the darkness ..”

    I find it helps alot! xx

  4. Thank you all for your comments, they are really encouraging to me. I think little steps and one small candle are the way forward

  5. lori says:

    I just found your blog today and have been enjoying your posts. Don’t get overwhelmed. Stay true to your journey and remember that every little baby step does make a difference.

  6. Great site…keep up the good work.

  7. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..


  8. […] I am so much much happier and I try to make my life as green and frugal as possible for ME. As Julie and Eilleen pointed out small steps and small candles.  I create art in the widest sense of the word because I have to, this includes this blog, […]

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