Quick little bags

After work I was feeling a little down (I work in an office one day a week to help fund my study) and I wanted to do something to cheer myself up, so I decided I was going to make bags to keep my dusters, rags and dish cloths in. In my kitchen I dont have a single drawer and 3 of my cupboards don’t have doors on them, as such everything looks messy. It doesnt help that I throw all these cloths in, along with tea towels, all into a great big heap. I do try to keep it neat and tidy, but this doesnt come naturally to me, so why not make it easier, as well as prettier to look at?

So I cut a length of fabric and roughly divided it into two. This is one of my cheap Ikea fabrics and is quite a thick canvass type cotton. I cut it with pinking shears so I didnt have to edge anything.  I wanted to label each bag, so it was clear which was which. So I used extremely expensive stencilling, specialised material and fabric pens.

The paper labels & fabric equivalent

Expensive labeling system

Oh, all right I wrote it on paper, used some beige light cotton which I have no idea where it came from and raided my OH’s Sharpie collection to trace the lettering with. It seemed to work well! I also cut the label with pinking shears, so as to avoid edging it.

The channel for the cord

The channel for the cord

I folded the top over, on this piece this is the selvedge, so I didnt even cut that with pinking shears. This is to thread the cord through. I then sewed this down – quickly! I decided to use this as an opportunity to practice speed sewing in straight lines. This skill maybe needed in the not too distant future!

Rough edges

Rough edges

While I was sewing the channels I just sewed them straight over, this was a quick and dirty one, right?

Smooth edges

Smooth edges

Well, I decided that even for a quick and dirty project I could make it a little neater, so I just tucked in the edges before I sewed it. As I hadn’t even measured the fabric I didnt need to worry about this messing up a seam allowance or simillar. Of course, on a proper project I would have edged everything to make it neat and tidy!

Pin the labels on

The labels got pinned on and then whizzed around the edges to secure them. Then I just had  to sew along one side and the bottom, the way I cut the fabric meant I kept one edge joined together.

Finished bags

Finished bags

So, here they are, all three bags finished, aside from the cord. I havent got any at the moment and I will keep an eye out when I go to the charity shops, but for now they work even if I  cant do them up! I am very pleased with these for 45 minutes work, they are bright and cheerful and make me smile. Which is very important!


3 thoughts on “Quick little bags

  1. verdant1 says:

    They are fabulous! I love the fabric.
    Hmmm, methinks I feel some sewing creeping up on me – and I looove organising my stuff.
    Thanks for the idea.

  2. EcoYogini says:

    I love this idea! they are so cute 🙂
    I really need to organize some of my cloths this way… i don’t have official “rags” for cleaning, but have a few that i don’t use to wash the dishes….. like you, they are all piled into a drawer… messy and spilling over.

    I found you through a comment you left on One Green Generation. Love this space 🙂

    Many Blessings,

  3. Welcome Lisa!

    Its all a bit tidier now and I actually havent bothered putting the cord in, they dont need it and it is easier just to shove things into it!


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