Morning routine and balance

Up until really, really recently I would sleep until the last possible moment, throw myself out of bed, dash around like a lunatic, chuck on some clothes, run my fingers through my hair, grab my bag and bound out the door.

Strangely enough this was never a particularly calm and relaxing start to the day.

On two separate occasions I have fallen down our stairs, causing my OH to start out of bed to make sure I hadn’t broken myself on the way down.

About a month ago I decided that I couldn’t do this anymore.

So, since then I get out of bed early – two hours before I need to leave home – walk s-l-o-w-l-y down the stairs and do a half an hour yoga or pilates session. I meditate for a while and then make a pot of redbush tea. I  drink this while I do some work in my journal, a mixture of thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, creative writing and my attempts at learning to draw.

Then I go and get dressed, making sure my other half is up so he gets to work. If he is feeling particularly awake he might join me for breakfast, if not I will eat it on my own while I read some blogs.

I love my morning routine and I have managed to stick to it as well (aside from being ill for two days). It is great to eat breakfast and feel fuelled for the day ahead, if my OH joins me, it is especially wonderful, but if  not I savour my time alone. I do not do any housework during this time, it is my ME time and any form of housework makes me feel annoyed or stressed out. (I will do a post on this at a later time)

Now I have been doing this a month I am looking to ways I can improve it. I really want a pretty teapot that is just the right size with small chinese/japanese bowls. And part of me wants to get up a bit earlier to get more me time!

Of course, the tradeoff is I have to be in bed early, but wow it is worth it! As my life is getting busier and more stressful than it has been for a long time I think it is going to be even more important to keep this ritual going. Cynics have said I am not going to get the time to do this as my course gets busier.

But I have decided I am worth the time to make myself healthy and spiritually strong.


5 thoughts on “Morning routine and balance

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! I admire your strength of conviction. I am not sure I could stick to a routine of getting out of bed any earlier than I have to, but then again, I work night shift. You know…. I might challenge myself on my days off. Look what you have accomplished!!!

  2. verdant1 says:

    Good on you! And you are so right in your last sentence – everything else in your life will flow from there.
    I’ll admit I’m not too great at getting up – although I do like to pace myself. But as my kids are at school and I’m currently studying from home rather than employed, I take time a bit later in the morning. However, I really miss it on the weekends – which make sme much harder to live with! So maybe it’s time for some more discipline? But i’ll have to start with getting to bed earlier – I love my sleep!
    Thanks, Jen – you’ve set me another challenge!!

  3. Eilleen says:

    That’s fantastic! I have to admit I’m the rush rush person in the morning. Maybe I should try something like this. You make waking up early sound wonderful! 🙂

  4. Frugal Trenches says:

    Sounds a lot healthier and wholesome! Well done you!!

  5. Wow, Im glad I am inspiring you. Its not easy to keep up, especially as I love my bed, but I am trying to hard to stick to the routine.

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