Slow it down

I don’t know about you, but I know that I can be a  better person.

I read all of these wonderful blogs and now Rhonda has a Down to Earth Forum there are more things for me to read and beat myself up over because I am not doing them right at this moment.

And it all gets a little too much for me.

I am the sort of person that wants to do everything NOW and its not good enough that I am learning to do it, it all needs to be perfect NOW.

I have to give myself a little credit for what I do and that I am taking steps to tread more lightly on this planet and be a better person, but I have limitations – not least that there are only so many hours in the day and days in the week. And as much as I would like the power to rewrite the laws of the universe or the way the western world marks time I just cannot do it. Nor can I summon huge amounts of money for someone to teach me how to do all these things I want to be able to do, nor can I afford to go and buy all of the ingredients/tools I need.

So actually a big part of my journey is slowing down. Whether that is because the universe is telling me to, or because slowing down is a key part of the greener life and I have to move away from this hyper fast modern world we live in which teaches us that we can have it all NOW – we just need to hand over the money. I am enjoying searching out second hand tools, or balls of wool or fabric in sales or the charity shop so that if I mess it up it doesn’t matter and I can learn to let go of my need for everything to be perfect.

As well as trust in the power of synchronicity.

Unfortunately I just need to rewire my psyche. New circuitry gratefully received.


3 thoughts on “Slow it down

  1. EcoYogini says:

    perfectly said. I can totally relate. Sometimes I take little breaks from reading overly aggressive “green” blogs (which sometimes I am a part of!) just to let go.

    I love so many of your ideas- you are doing fantastically!!

  2. JuliaB says:

    Life is too short to beat yourself up over what other people are and aren’t doing. Tread your own path knowing that it is the right one for you, seek beauty and inspiration in all things and strive to inspire others by your own actions just as they have inspired you.


  3. Frugal Trenches says:

    I think slowling down gives you so many mroe opportunities to improve, rejoice, reclaim and give. Just look around, you’ll find where you’re being called!

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