Letter to a daughter

I don’t know if I want children. Some days I think it would be great and I really would want to bring up a child, some days the whole idea of reproduction freaks me out (not the actual sex bit, but the part of it about from 28 days after sex onwards for 30+ years). I have said if we did have a child I would want a girl and not a boy. However, its my understanding that I don’t get any choice in this matter.

So, it was with mixed feelings that I read the chapter in Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver entitled “Letter to a Daughter at Thirteen”.

It really summed up for me a lot of what scares me about having children and what makes me think I would like to have a child.

If you have a daughter I recommend reading this, Barbara talks about raising her honestly, to help her deal with life, morally and ethically, along with all sorts of other issues.

It bought a strange lump to my throat.

I highly recommend the book (recommended to me by Marmalade Kiss) it really is astounding. I felt so moved by it for many different reasons and it inspired me to write many posts about it, but I won’t – this really is the last one – but do read it for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Letter to a daughter

  1. juliab says:

    I’m so glad that you are enjoying that book. It is definitely my favourite ever read. Lily’s Chickens is my favourite essay, but all the rest would come joint second! Whenever I hear the song “lay down Sally” I always think of “Letter to a Daughter at Thirteen” .. xx

  2. Sarah Head says:

    One thing I have noticed is that children come when they are ready, not when we plan them. There’s no point in expecting things to be a certain way after they’re born, because they will teach you what it is to be a parent. Perhaps the best thing to remember is that for a child to be able to be a child they have to have an adult as a parent. I suspect you will do well, whatever you choose. I suspect being a teacher, is a little like being a midwife, you don’t become fully qualified until you have children of your own.(but I may be talking waffle, so ignore me! Good luck as you start on your path and many bright blessings.

    • Hi there Sarah, welcome along! Well you have inspired me to create a new post about contraception, so that you for your comment.

      I really hope that I will be fully qualified to be a teacher even if I dont have children.


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