Take a stand and shout it out!

When I visited my library last weekend it was filled with small children. I was a bit bemused by this until I saw the HUGE Peter Rabbit, Gruaffalo and another creatures I didn’t recognise. The library was being visited by characters from childrens’ story books!

There was much laughter around the room and awed looking children. That is apart from  one little girl, who insisted her mum took her up to see the Gruaffalo. When she got to him she stood there frozen to the ground and I could just see the fear building up her body, her chest start shuddering, her eyes open wide and her lips trembling before howling the place down!

But when I got to the counter to take out my book I had reserved (Nudge – review coming soon!) the librarian told me the council is planning on cutting the opening hours and making redundancies. You know my feelings about our library, so I decided to take a stand and shout it out.

I have written to the councillor in charge of making this decision, our three local councillors, the MP and the local paper. The local paper has said they are covering the story, they are just waiting for the council to tell them what they are planning on doing. The have said that they will quote me because I highlighted some important issues to them in my email.

I have to say I was feeling quite proud of myself, but then I thought, why am I not doing more? Why didn’t I complain about the bins? What else can I do in my local community? When I originally wanted an allotment all of the waiting lists were very full and I did complain again to the councillors and they did opening up a new site. I’m not claiming it was down to me, but others must also have complained and together we were taken notice of.  Often as individuals making our own small steps we forget that if we join together with others the sum of our steps is greater than the individual.

So, how do you take a stand and shout it out?


2 thoughts on “Take a stand and shout it out!

  1. EcoYogini says:

    writing letters is a fantastic way to communicate your displeasure politically- YAY that you wrote them a letter 🙂

    I tend to procrastinate around writing letters to my MP or MLA’s… but I should.
    Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Ms B. Thrift says:

    Oh wow you are a hero! It sometimes doesn’t feel like much, but I know our council does listen to and respond to customer feedback on their services so i hope yours does too. The Library where I work is even more busy than ever before yet they aren’t replacing a lot of staff that are retiring and instead are bringing in machines to self-issue which i am doubting will work in replacing a valued member of staff. I am so sorry your service looks like it may suffer cutbacks, but i hope enough of you protest so they realise

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