Advocating anarchy

I read two blog posts this morning which have got me thinking, as although on the surface they are covering different topics I think the same issue it at their heart.

Rhonda at Down-to-Earth wrote about how we don’t trust our common sense and she says that

I am not a radical, I am just advocating that you question, be sceptical, and decide for yourself

And in Ego-Yogini’s blog post she talks about punk yoga

Punk has nothing to do with the “look” and everything to do with attitude and belief systems. Specifically Anti-Establishment, Anti-Culture

In contrary to Rhonda’s belief I do think her way of life is radical and many of us are living a radical, punk lifestyle. We try to reduce consumption, or at the least, do so so ethically – but the UK government wants us to spend, even down to reducing the VAT (which is a tax we pay on all non essential items – side issue of taxation on products which women use, but that’s a tangent!) so we spend more.

In USA it was practically non patriotic not to spend post 9-11 – with New Yorkers being urged to spend and I think that attitude still persists to some extent.

We live a radical life by breaking away from our dependence on what we are being told we need by big corporates. Just think if everyone acted like we are all trying to do then we would over turn the big corporations and force them to rethink their ethics and practices. Punk anarchy indeed!

As a feminist I am delighted to ignore the patriarchy which is telling me to spend money on looking beautiful – we must buy the latest product, slather more chemicals on our body and when that doesn’t make us look like the (airbrushed) models do then surgery becomes normalised in our society.

My other half jokingly says I am a “dangerous subversive”,  but really all of us who follow this path are and for me, the slight taste of anarchy on a daily basis – stretching away from patriarchy and corporations-  gives me a thrill.  Viva la revolution!!


5 thoughts on “Advocating anarchy

  1. EcoYogini says:

    WOOT Punk! I’m glad you liked the post- and I agree, Rhonda’s post was very punk-esque, which is fantastic.

    We do need a change, to ‘buck the system’ and think and do for ourselves not what corporations tell us. 🙂

  2. Ms B. Thrift says:

    I love your ideas and it bemuses me how so many get brainwashed by the “spend spend spend” push too, it’s even been loaded with emotional blackmail yet so many are still thinking its best to spend out of recession rather than save and be frugal, i’m baffled how people are so easily conned by this theory. I still have a long way to go to shake off the corporate consumerism i’ve picked up like a dirty habit over the years (i do so love my make up bag and fashion but try not to be a victim of it and to enjoy it as ethically as possible, so i’m getting there 🙂 I think it’s excellent advice to try and be sceptical and analyse things for ourselves rather than just spouting from the media. I think we all have a lot to gain from becoming more in tune with ourselves and with nature.

  3. Yep, in America, the motto is spend, spend, spend. It’s crazy but people fall for it.

  4. Mara says:

    Oh goodness – this ‘spend to get the economy back on its feet’ thing really does drive me nuts! I don’t want to spend, thanks. I don’t have much to spend anyway. Thankfully many people are being sensible – I read the other day that many people are paying off debt with the extra money generated by lower interest rates.

  5. […] (trying to improve every day) and I chose to make my own things as much as possible. Sometimes as political act in itself and sometimes to save costs and minimise my impact on the earth. But by dint of being […]

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