No hair shirts here

Being green is often positioned as being worthy and sacrificial. Which I believe is a huge turn off to most people. So, why don’t we start talking about how green can sometimes be luxurious?

About 6 months ago I decided I didn’t want to keep spending out for cotton wool for taking off my make-up – although its financially cheap there is a big environmental cost attached to it – requiring huge amounts of chemicals are used to make it gleaming white. (Sorry I don’t have any references to hand), not to mention the waste. So I decided to find an alternative.

I found these wipes on etsy from Crea8tive Mama. I am a fussy woman and I wanted seriously bright and funky colours, which she provided for me, along with a wet bag which I can use for when I am cycling places to have a quick freshen up.

So – why is this luxurious? It is made from flannel and minke fleece- neither of which we can easily get hold of in the UK.  For you UK people – minke is wonderful, so so soft and gentle – far nicer than cotton wool. We also don’t really go for flannel in the same way as the Americans do (I think we call it brushed cotton here and we have a very poor range in comparison).

At the same time I also got some panty liners to supplement my mooncup – again, completely luxurious to wear. Plus the funky colours really make me smile and I have a bit of a secret when I am wearing them, which quite frankly amuses me because I am a child!

Panty liners

I asked Crea8tive Mama for an image to brighten up this post and she willingly provided!

Could I have made them myself? Sure, with a lot of faffing around, and major amounts of expense – I don’t have easy access to the fabrics, or the thing to put the poppers on and I like have a range of colours and designs, as I said it makes me smile! I also wouldn’t have been able to make them to the same quality, without spending hours on it! So, I took the decision that I wanted these and I was going to buy them ethically – from a small supplier.

I like buying things from individuals, they truly care about your business. This lady bent over backwards to meet my unnecessarily picky requirements, service with a virtual smile, quick turnaround and I feel happy that my choices have (in a tiny way) supported a woman who has created her own business.

So, somewhat worthy in a supporting other’s way, worthy because I am helping the environment by cutting down on waste, but the complete opposite of wearing a hair shirt. By talking about the pleasure I get from my green choices it can sometimes get someone to listen who normally would be very closed to green ideas.

Just as a little disclaimer I haven’t had any sponsorship/freebies in order to write this post, just in case you were wondering if there was a ulteria motive!

So, what about you – what luxurious green things do you do/have?


4 thoughts on “No hair shirts here

  1. EcoYogini says:

    ohhhhh- so true!! I usually use a facecloth for my makeup… but that would be NICE.

    (cotton-wool is cotton balls? lol)

    My luxury is my bamboo/organic cotton clothing. they are SOFT…. and they were pricey and made in CANADA yay! 🙂

    I agree 100%, this whole ‘better than thou’ moral stuff along side the green-ness is ridiculous.

    I think you’re on to something Jen- we should talk more about the luxuries!!

  2. sue brown says:

    thanks for the link Jen, I have been meaning to buy some for a while and I will definately be ordering some now.

  3. virago says:

    Found you via a link on Crea8tive Mama’s etsy site … I’m another satisfied customer! My Crea8tive Mama cloth menstrual pads and my Lady Cups (one large, one small) are *my* green luxuries.

    I’m enamored of the Crea8tive Mama pads for the reasons you mentioned above — the bright colors and the soft texture. N.B.: The colors remain vibrant after several washings, and the fabric doesn’t seem to stain, either.

    The Lady Cups I see as luxuries because they look sleek, and they’re made in pretty colors. (Purple! My favorite!) Even the clear one is somehow elegant.

  4. […] you know from my previous post about supporting small businesses I like to buy things from individuals wherever possible and so when my trusty handbag of over 10 […]

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