More and more normal

Following on from my post Pagan Normality life is making my Paganism more and more normal!

I was in the amazing Foyles bookshop on the Southbank in London when after speaking the assistant about a book which was on the wrong shelf she said to me “merry meet”. I grinned and responded with “blessed be”, but was bemused as to how she had amazingly divined the fact that I was Pagan! Then I realised I had put on my pentagram that morning (I don’t normally wear it).

I was on my way out and it didn’t occur to me to say anything else; as I said I was rather confused, but wow, what a difference it made to my evening. I was going to the National Theatre* with my other half and I grinned for ages and bounced around in a happy way – all because of two words a stranger had said to me. I very much doubt she has any idea of the effect she had on me.

Another thing which has happened is I requested Kit Berry (author of Stonewylde)to be my friend on Facebook, which she accepted and then left a message on my wall – which I was amazed at – the lady is really working the social networking! She signed her wall post with ‘bright blessings’. Again, this bought me huge amounts of joy.

Lastly I downloaded Damh the Bard’s latest album. His music, combined with Omnia and The Dolmen are my favourite things to listen to when I am hubbling and bubbling over my stove creating my own beauty products, or when I am feeling down, or when I am feeling happy.**

Why is this?

All of these things create a Pagan normality and reality around me. Some of these are virtual, especially with online communities, some as simple as a stranger saying ‘merry meet’. One thing I envy Christians is that it is the ‘default’ religion in this land, no one thinks they are strange for going to Church and they can easily find a community on the corner of every other road. I am not naive, I am sure there are problems within a tight community, but at least they have a choice. All organised religions have a place to gather which is built into the hard landscape of our towns and cities, Pagans don’t. For me the fact that Paganism isn’t ‘organised’ is part of its appeal, but sometimes it makes me sad as well.

I am lucky to have very recently found a grove which meets regularly to celebrate each festival, but this new to me and the first time I have had anything like this in the 13 years I have ‘consciously’ been a Pagan.

So, I am going to make more of an effort within my Pagan community, including posting in the forum I belong to (Druid Network) and maybe going out of my way to attend moots, even though I find the concept of moots somewhat scary! And saying ‘merry meet’ to people who I think are Pagan – I am sure no-one will take offence to that?!

*You can get tickets for £10 for the National Theatre – amazing – you cannot go wrong!

** I think I need to do a post about Pagan music soon!


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