Creative joy

I don’t blog about my life on a a day to day path like many of the bloggers I follow and so (strangely enough) I don’t share many things with you, including what I am making on an ongoing basis and I think that maybe this is because creativity has become a lot more part of my life.

When I was working as a marketing manager (see my story) I was always so jealous of my best friend for her amazing creativity, artistry and her talent.  I just kept moaning that I wasn’t creative and I wanted to be more so.  She kept telling me (repeatedly) that I was a creative person, I needed to leave my job as it was bad for me, I should just start creating and I never believed her.

A few months before I lost my job I was crossing Westminster Brigde in London and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was being crushed and suffocated by my corporate suit, that my laptop was weighing me down to the extent that it was going to break me in half and I had an feeling I should spining around, faster and faster and let go of the case so it would arch up and then plummet into the Thames.  I had a moment of sanity and didn’t do it, although to be honest it really was touch and go.

When I lost my job I cried and was devestated, but when I was crossed  London Bridge (London’s bridges have a massive power for me) to get to the station, ‘Song of Awen’ by Damh the Bard (lyrics here), came onto my iPod and I was filled with happiness and joy, I laughed out loud, played it on loop the whole way home and grinned. I got home, played all of his albums and danced.

Since then my creativity has just blossomed and bloomed.  I guess I have found the Awen Damh sings about.

I grow food, make jewellery, bake, cook, play music, sing, dance, knit, crochet, sew, make soap, make skincare products, write,  draw and many other things. Tomorrow I am starting Tribal Belly Dancing, (inspired by Verdant’s World), partly because I have always thought it sounds great fun and partly to help build and strengthen a new friendship.

I love my life and all of the creativity that flows in it now. Quite a large part of this is because I have changed my life to be more congruent with my values and a large part is down to my wonderful other half, Gavin.

He has supported me in so many ways which I cannot express and has become an integral part of my new life, a joyous, happy one which I never imagined would belong to me.  I love him deeply. On Christmas day he asked me to marry him,  so I am now engaged and overjoyed.

Hmm, I really hadn’t intended to say all that when I set out writing this post, I was just going to say I will be sharing some photos of all of the presents I made for Christmas very soon, as well as more regular updates about my crafting. I guess I just got carried away by the creative joy of writing!


12 thoughts on “Creative joy

  1. ecidnac says:

    What a positive blog. It’s really good to see someone so full of life.

  2. EcoYogini says:

    congratulations!!!!!!! 🙂

    isn’t it funny how seemingly tremendous parts of our lives can usher in periods of joy? I always try to remember stories like this when I feel like life is crashing down… there’s so much potential from the ‘Tower’….

    Brightest Blessings to you and Gavin!


    • Thank you Lisa

      The funny thing is the weekend before I lost my job my friend did a reading for me which went death, tower. We clarified and did a whole new, much bigger reading, which included the same cards.

      It was worrying and then within the week it all made sense!


  3. Becky says:

    Congratulations to you both, I always enjoy reading your blog entries and this one was just as thought provoking. I am trying to be more creative, but find it difficult to find time, how do you manage to fit it all in?

  4. msscoresby says:

    Congratulations on your engagement!
    I’m struck by how alike your story sounds to a ‘coming out’ story. We wedge ourselves into allsorts of boxes don’t we, and then wonder why we feel we’re not all we could be.
    Hope to hear all about tribal belly dancing. Sounds like just the thing for cold winter evenings 🙂

    Elizabeth (luminesce on DTE)

  5. Calamity Jane says:

    wow, what a coincidence! I just took my first belly dance class on the 4th! what i’m most interested in is tribal as well! but this class is just a basic beginners. i was worried it wouldn’t be challenging enough for me, cuz i did a self-structured video (Jenna) class for almost a year (before my last pregnancy…) but whoa baby, am i outa shape. i’m so excited to be in a class, with a teacher. and she’s good too, not too lenient. she looks around and points out what people are doing wrong, and how they should be doing it, which is what i want.
    when we moved, there were two things i wanted to do in New Orleans, garden, and belly dance! yea!
    congratulations on your engagement! how wonderful! i’ve been married for four and a half years now and i love it. it’s the second hardest thing i’ve ever done (kiddos first) but also easy in it’s own way. i think it’s easier to work through issues when you don’t have to every time reexamine whether you should stay together. cuts out a lot of heartache. ‘well, here we are. we’ve got to figure out how to make it work’ Period. sometimes i think our era of abundant choice bites us in the butt.
    there’s not enough weirdo radical feminist wifes in the world! let’s rally!

  6. Frugal Trenches says:

    I’m with you on the Bridges in London. They do something to my soul. It is amazing how all of a sudden we can see what we are really surrounded by. I’m glad you shared your story!

  7. Eilleen says:

    Congratulations Jen!!

    And thank you for sharing your joy. ❤

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