Need it? WANT it.

I have just seen this post at Sociological images. I highly recommend this blog – it is by sociology professors and their rule is all posts must contain an image.

Their post “‘Need’ and the Standard of Living” is about how we often use the word ‘need’ when actually it is a ‘want’. This post has really effected me, I’m at work and I’m all teary. If I was at home I would be in floods of tears (ok, there is an element of PMS, but it is still heart-wrenching).

Just one image:

Woman and baby  whose home is a bench.

Also in Jakarta, Subur lives with her 9-month-old son, Subeki, on a bench:

I don’t know about you, but suddenly I feel extremely lucky, blessed and very very spoilt in my life.  There is only 6 images in this post, but my, humbling they are.

More motivation for me to watch the story of stuff and to really start thinking about how I can make changes in my life for the better. The vast majority of things that I want at this moment in my life are just that – a want. Sorry this post isn’t very comprehensive, I keep getting close to crying and I need to get on and do some work, but I thought sharing this with you would make me feel better and pass on the ‘pause for thought’.

Please read this post and see what it makes you think, it is mainly images so it shouldn’t take too long.


4 thoughts on “Need it? WANT it.

  1. Mara says:

    The story of stuff is really interesting. I want to watch it again because I’ve forgotten the specifics, but basically it just shows how much of a nonsense most things we consume are. Round and round the cycle goes, as we consume rubbish and throw it and consume and throw ad infinitum.

    need is also a very interesting word. I was on an internet forum about a year ago where they were discussing what you NEEDED to have debt for. The consensus was that credit card debt and store card debt was unnecessary, but that you NEEDED a mortgage and…. (and this is where I learnt something!) you also NEEDED a car loan in order to own a car. This is something I had no idea that people usually had a loan for. I was quite taken aback. I thought people bought cars with money they had! How naive!

    And yes, we are very lucky in this country. Except if you are very poor indeed you are so much better off than in most countries in the world.

  2. I know its amazing about cars isnt it? Mind you one student I know of (17/18 yo) has a car loan which costs him £200 a month.

    Who on earth lent him that, what is wrong with them? He is a college student! Full-time with a part time job. Its disgusting. And we wonder why the banks collapsed becuase of poor debt?

    And what are his parents doing to let him get that? I really wish college would implement ‘life skills’ classes where they are taught to budget and live within their means. But I guess that is old fashioned. Once again I start up with my wail of “but I’m only 30!”. Teaching is making me feel old!


  3. EcoYogini says:

    i just watched the story of stuff the other day- it was good, but kinda reminded me of inconvenient truth… in that it was a bit over the top. BUT the message was SO IMPORTANT.

    those images Jen, were ridiculously moving. thank you for sharing that link! you’re right, we use ‘need’ way too much. like I needed winter boots, and actually thought about need vs want while I was purchasing them- like i really ‘need’ them, it’s not just ‘want’.

    not oldfashioned.. but then my parents taught me budget skills, not school.

    when did you turn 30?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂


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