Oh OU!

I love to learn, anything and everything. I have an insatiable curiosity about so many topics, from practical crafts through to academic studies. I honestly would be really happy just learning new things constantly and, due to my nature, be able to do them perfectly and know everything!

I would have loved to have stayed at university when I finished my degree and gone  on to do a MA and then a PhD. But you know, money…life…blah blah and I couldn’t do so.

A couple of years ago I found out about the Open University. It is an amazing institution, it means you can study for a degree from home, in your own time. There is even funding available for you to do this, depending on your circumstances.

My other half is studying for two science degrees and I have done two small modules – one on photography and one on music. It covers just about every subject. It is very highly regarded by major institutions. My problem is I pretty much want to do every course on there. Although I have done a BA hon Theatre Studies degree (not performance arts, it is an academic study of theatre), I could have chosen to go down a science or language route when I was younger. As such I want to learn everything!

The OU even does an ‘open’ degree where you can study modules from every faculty and come away with a BA or BSc depending on whatever section you did most of and your degree would be BA (hons.) Open or BSc (hons.) Open.

It is an absolutely amazing institution which we in the UK are extremely lucky to have and it is open to overseas students as well. It is an excellent way for people to continue their learning when maybe they weren’t able to when they were younger, or because they couldn’t afford it, or because they are now retired and want to keep their brain active, or because like me they just want to know about everything!

But in true OU style they make their learning open – some of the very high quality, informative programmes on the BBC are co-produced with the OU, the OU does free podcasts via iTunes U and it is making decent sections of some of its modules available for free here. Go and check out some of the modules and enjoy learning something new.


3 thoughts on “Oh OU!

  1. Ms B. Thrift says:

    Fantastic to read someone else glowing about the OU! I have a Bsc (Hons) Open after completing 2 years of law at university then having to take some time out due to financial reasons so I transferred my credits, had a change of heart about what i wanted to do in life, and studied some fantastic subjects from “English Language & Literacy” to “Religion: Modernity & Change”, and loved it!! I am proud to have both graduated with honours finally and studied with the OU, only thing is they keep sending me info on all the other courses i can do which i am very VERY tempted to take up, just time & money at the moment which holds me back, but im sure sooner rather than later i’ll be a student again with them! Hope you and your partner continue to enjoy your study there!!

  2. Ishtar says:

    Ditto! I have a BSc (Hons) in Applied Social Sciences from the OU. Love the OU – I left school with three O levels and no possibility of attending a ‘traditional’ university. Without the OU I would never have gained a degree.

    If only I had the time to study more courses – I’m currently a bit busy looking after two small children (5 years and 10 months), and helping my OH with his business startup.

    I hope you both continue to enjoy your study!

  3. The OU is a fantastic institution and one that I don’t think many people in the UK think about. I think it is a brilliant way to gain a degree – I am glad you have both graduated and so proud of it too!

    It is such hard work, but well worth it. I will get around to doing somemore studies at some point!


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