Gypsy bag

Well hello!

First of all, apologies for the lack of posting recently. Like many others I have been hit by the January apathy and have been unable to motivate myself to blog and combined with the chaos which my life has recently descended into it has meant a distinct lack of posts.

Thank you to everyone who gave me congratulations on my engagement – I am really happy about it!

And thirdly, welcome to all of you who have trundled over here from Hawthorn Hill – I hope you like it here – please leave me a comment to say hello!

So, onto the subject of my post.

As you know from my previous post about supporting small businesses I like to buy things from individuals wherever possible and so when my trusty handbag of over 10 years finally gave up the ghost I decided to treat myself to a high quality decent bag. I am hard on my things – I don’t mean to be, I am just clumsy and somewhat rough with things, so high quality it is and I will always prefer to save for something and to spend more money on it if it will last.

Some time ago I  came across this marvellous shop Fairysteps and immediately fell in love with everything in it. So I decided to get a bag from Ren there. I debated long and hard (seriously, I dread to think of the number of hours I have spent mooning around in her online shop) and measured everything I wanted to go into it. When I got it, the bag wasn’t quite big enough for what I wanted and so I emailed Ren and explained. And do you know what – she was amazing, ever so sweet and helpful. When I suggested that I would love the same bag in a bigger version she said she would make it for me. And so she did – the details and photos are on her blog here.

Large gypsy bag

Image from Fairysteps blog

I love it – it can fit so much stuff in – I even took a photo for her – which she then put on her blog in a post called ‘Inside the tardis’!

The contents of my new bag

So,  as you can see, it fits a lot into it, including a Fairysteps purse and a dimple pouch and the bag from cre8tive mama to keep my flannel wipes in (which double as extremely luxurious hankys!). Ren also has her own ethical policy, which is another reason why I chose to buy from her.

Every where I go I get loads of compliments, as it is really unusual and wonderful. I love my new bag – the quality is amazingly high and I can see this bag getting better and better as it ages.

What is your favourite independent buy?


5 thoughts on “Gypsy bag

  1. Ren says:

    O Jen…. Im blushing from ear to ear!!
    Thank you so much for your support and kind words.
    And now for my most ethical buy. It has to be the large collection of British handmade baskets that I have collected over the years. Constantly in use, enormously useful, full of memories (so many outings with them), always appreciated by the skill and tradition that went into making them.
    Good for you Jen for choosing such a ethical discussion.
    Ren x

  2. EcoYogini says:

    OUUUU!!!! it is beautiful, and how sweet that she made one special just pour toi! LUCKY 🙂 I’m running over to her blog RIGHT NOW

  3. Becky says:

    Hi, the bag is lovely, Fairysteps make such lovely things. I’m trying to think as to what is my most ethical purchase, but I cant and that makes me feel bad. I need to give this issue more thought x

  4. Eilleen says:

    oh oh I love love love that bag! I’m very envious of you right now :D.

    And as for my most ethical purchase…that’s such a tough one for me ’cause I love all my things but after much thought, I’ve decided that its my second hand sewing machine. I bought it off a friend’s mum – not only did I keep it out of landfill, assisted her in some small way, but in turn I’ve learned to make so much with it.

  5. Frugal Trenches says:

    How lovely!!!

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