Baby quilt

I am finally getting around to posting about all of the Yule/Christmas presents I made. It helps that I am on half term at the moment and have a bit of time to think. You have probably guessed this as I have posted for the last couple of days. I have also written a few more posts, including on the story of stuff, so that will be coming really soon!

Cot quilt in really bright colours

Cot quilt in really bright colours

I made this for my fiancee’s nephew who was born a couple of days before Christmas. I love, love, love this fabric. Using my mum’s sewing machine (which is a special quilting one) I can make this look like a proper quilt. Actually, it is two bits of fabric with wadding in the middle and then I quilted on the fabric lines.

Basically its all a cheat, but I think it looks so cool and bright! I would be delighted to have this. I bought too much fabric as I hadn’t figured out it was a cot panel when I was in the shop, so I have enough to make another 2. One is going to be for a friend who is expecting in July and the other will be made into a wall hanging for my niece’s 1st birthday.

Close up of the quilt - showing some of the blocks

Close up - each block is a letter of the alphabet, with an animal illustrating it

I was so pleased with this – it is sooo bright and funky!


4 thoughts on “Baby quilt

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That’s really cute – good job. A work colleague is expecting their first in May and I’d really like to make something for them, but not take too long over it. Do you remember where you picked up the fabric?

  2. EcoYogini says:

    love it!!!! very cool. 🙂

  3. verdant1 says:

    Really, really cool!

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