Va Jay Jay

A post, actually written today – hurrah!

On my way home from uni yesterday I saw a poster which said Va Jay Jay in nice swirly writing. Which made me take a second look. All that was on the rest of the poster was a web address. Do you know what that web address was?

Oh. My. God. The Word VAGINA in broad daylight. On the tube. Amazing. So I scribbled down the url to look it up when I got home.

I’ve just remembered to do so.

It’s a pretty site, says ‘ladygarden’ when you first get to it, which I didn’t like. But anyway. I clicked through and do you know what it was advertising?

The Mooncup!!!

OK, it’s probably a bit strange to smile and grin and say “hooray” when I saw it (I actually did you know – honest!).

But do you know what? It’s great that they have got the budget to start advertising and hopefully reach a wider audience. So – hooray for the Mooncup and its rather wonderful adverts and website.

I don’t think I need to explain to you why it’s so great – do I? Do you want as post as to why this is an amazing thing?

I went to the doctors last week (no, that’s not the start of a joke) and as I was talking about my periods I told him I used a Mooncup. He said “really- the idea made me feel a bit funny when I heard about it”. To which I resolutely replied to him “it is marvellous and how on earth can you be squeamish; you are a doctor, sort it out”. Honestly – I did! He laughed and agreed with me.

So, a tube advert which makes me happy – rather a contrast to this one!


5 thoughts on “Va Jay Jay

  1. EcoYogini says:

    oh my- that is SO COOL. I smiled when I read your blog post title on my update bar- WOOT!

    also- it’s awesome you said that to the doctor. it IS ridiculous that he felt ‘squeamish’ I mean…. come on. lol.

    so fun!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    hah – brilliant! Reminded me of when I was at a motorway services the other week. Amongst the grafitti in my toilet cubicle was one of those bootleg advertisement stickers for (I think) femmecup. Around it was half a dozen scribbles saying how good they were, including one giving the mooncup website. Made me smile.


  3. Mariah says:

    Thanks for the explanation! I actually googled vajayjay poster and your blog popped up, I had seen the same poster but forgot to note down the website…

  4. JuliaB says:

    HHHHOOOORAYYY! Indeed!!!! I am so glad too! I;ve been using mine for nearly 10 years now … disposable sanitary products are an absolute scandal!! the more women who know about – and use – Mooncup, the better! Hurray!!


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