Hello, thanks for all the further thoughts on Pagan priesthood. It’s all very interesting and lots of think about!

I should be:

  • Studying for my last PGCE assignment
  • Marking a set of English essays
  • Making a cot quilt
  • Making my niece’s birthday present
  • Making some more lotions and potions
  • Going to the allotment
  • Preparing for a really important and scary job interview

But do you know what? I just can not be bothered right now. I have done a lot so far over my holidays, most of it all rather dull and errand based. I have less time for doing day-to-day things now than I did when I was working full-time, I could easily do some internet shopping, or deal with car MOTs, getting presents etc while I was at work and no-one would be any the wiser. It’s not possible to do that when teaching – I can’t make a sneaky phone call to the garage when teaching a lesson on the historical context of comedy or how to do budgeting for a theatre company!

I haven’t been to my allotment for ages – I have either been really busy or ill – I have heard there is a ‘teachers’ immune system’ which I will get at some point –  I would really like it to kick in now, I seem to get every bug going and I’m rather bored of it to be honest.

So, what have I been doing? Well aside from all the silly little time-consuming errands I have managed to plant all my spring seeds, write a whole assignment, do one set of marking and most importantly spend time with friends and relax! I know that doesn’t sound like much but I really am rubbish at relaxing, spending most of my time at a full on pelt, either collapsing into bed at the end of the day, or being wide awake with my mind racing.

I have been writing, meditating, exercising and very much being in the moment. It is wonderful and really reminds me that I do not spend enough time doing this on a day-to-day basis, and quite frankly I should know better. In my last holiday (half term) I worked all of it, sitting at my computer, writing assignments, marking and preparing for the next half term. I felt totally unrefreshed when I went back to college and I really needed to make sure I didn’t do the same for this one.

So, I haven’t. I have had two days this week out and about, Monday at a Pagan festival event, with Damh the Bard playing and Ancient Music, which was lovely to hear. Yesterday I went to a craft type place, which also has a small farm for children too. I was convinced by my friend to do some ceramic painting, so I have created a rather lairy green, orange and purple massive mug for me to drink my vast quantities of redbush tea out of, while she created a rather beautiful and refined graduated goblet. I’m looking forward to picking them up some point next week.

I frequently forget that it is so important to take time out to relax and refresh so I can bring lots of energy to the things I do. I think I need to implement a routine or timetable to make sure I relax during term time as well. Or is that just my control freak side trying to regiment relaxing – which should be the very opposite to timetabled!

What do you do to ensure you relax, or do you not find it an issue?


2 thoughts on “And….relax

  1. armaitus says:

    I find that relaxation actually causes more issues than it corrects these days.

    I seem to exist in an ever permanent stew of varying degrees of tension & rage. Gaming helps here, XBOX is a great outlet for rage as is LRP – tabletop gaming is not good for rage however.

    Short term relaxation is essential but long term just leads to biological breakdown; if I take more than a few days break from work I actually become ill – almost as if my body craves tension. Then again, my endocrine system is well and truly shot.

    Meditation helps a great deal, as does the right music for each and every moment. I’ve found that frequent small amounts of meditation can help me take longer breaks; I’ve even started to lose time to books again… something that I missed for a few years after losing my islet cells.

    Of course, there is a panacea to all such ills. Lego. An hour’s Lego easily clears a month’s stress.

  2. I often find that if I have any time off work I get ill, I think it is because I keep telling myself to hang on until the holidays and then my body says, ‘right – that’s it, time to get ill!’

    As for gaming being a way to relax – not for me. Whether it is WoW or Wii I get very cross, shouty and my language becomes atrocious and vile. And I find that I get slightly obsessed and lose too many hours to it (esp WoW) which then puts pressure on other areas of my life.

    Of course, reading is always a great escape for me, but at the moment I am reading so many text books that I just don’t want to read anything else.

    Meditation – I know this helps me and makes a massive difference to my life, but I often miss the time I set aside for it. I think I should just get some disciple!

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