General Election

Tomorrow is the UK’s General Election where we vote in our new parliament. I am genuinely excited about the whole process and I will be getting up early tomorrow to go and cast my vote before I head into Uni.

I want to spend tomorrow night in a pub with like-minded friends watching the results roll in (not going to happen unfortunately). It seems to be a very close battle, with all three parties being very neck and neck according to the latest polls. This is really unusual for the UK. Normally  it is a two-horse race between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. This time a third-party is a serious contender Рthe Liberal Democrats.

As I have previously discussed only one of the three parties engaged with me when I queried them about the Digital economy bill – Carys Davis from the Lib Dems. I read about their policies and I went to speak to her in person, she seemed like a normal person, which was unusual for a politician – see my post about speaking with Ed Balls the Education Minister. unfortunately for her I live in a very safe Labour seat, with BNP gaining a hideous amount of ground. I really am keeping my fingers crossed for her though.

It is all looking exciting with two newspapers backing the Lib Dems and many polls placing all three parties at about level pegging. It is going to be an interesting day tomorrow. If you would like some amusement around the election go and check out these twitter feeds. #imvotingconservative #nickcleggsfault


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