So….the British election….hmm…..don’t really know what to say there to be honest.

I have finished all of the major assignments and I have just done the last assessment of my course. I have my portfolio to finalise, but I think everything is in there bar a couple of minor bits of paper, mainly as I have been hyper-organised.

It has been a really painful push for me and in the last nine days I have left the house twice – to go to Uni and to go to College to teach (there has been a Bank holiday).

All of which has left me really drained and knackered. I need to take some time to rest, relax and recouperate my energy. As such there may not be any posts for a while. On the other hand there maybe a sudden onslaught of lots of posts and my brain frees itself from all of the constraints it has been in for a while now.

Of course, I still have gigantic piles of marking to do, some of which are threatening to topple over, partly as it is nearing exam time for my AS students and so they are practicing lots of essays and for my BTEC students they have just finished modules, so I have them to mark too. And still some lessons to teach each week, just not as much as before Easter.

So, still lots to do, its just not much more Uni work.

Either way, I need to take some time to rest, otherwise I am not going to get anything done at all!


3 thoughts on “whew

  1. dubgirl says:

    Well done on getting through the course, do you think you will carry on studying in the future or have you had enough? x

  2. I have to keep on studying – I now have to convert my post 16 teaching qualification to a pre 16 qualification (QTS) and then do a Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL). At some point I want to do a Masters in English as well. Luckily the QTS and MTL will be paid for by the school I have a job at, we just need to figure out how I am going to get the QTS as I have already done so much of the work. All very confusing.

    I love studying and learning new things, it is just that by this stage of the course I always end up exhausted.

  3. dubgirl says:

    That sounds as if it will take some time, have you had any more thoughts on ‘priesthood’?

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