Gosh – that was a break!

Hello! I didn’t mean to take quite such an extended break – I really don’t know where the time has gone. I have finished everything to do with my course, bar a tutorial interview, for which I only have  to do an hour’s preparation, then it will be a big party in a park!

I have immensely enjoyed my time since I have completed everything and have really been spending a lot of time with me and getting back with things I have enjoyed and most notably I have been creating, playing music and spending time in nature. As such I seem to be doing a lot of Pagan things, but without having set out with that intention. I really feel I am getting in touch with my Pagan self again.

Which is a wonderful feeling.

Rather than incoherently rambling I would like to share it with you, but in a series of small posts, otherwise this is going to be a rather vague, unstructured and very long post. I am also aware that I have other things to share with you – like a couple of recipes, but it is always an effort to get going again after a break, so I thought I would ease myself in first otherwise I would never have written again!


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