I won!

I have been really slack at posting this, so apologies.

I won a wonderful tote bag from Jenmeister’s give away – to enter you had to say what was the single biggest obstacle to living without plastic.

a morsbag, front and back picture. A blue background with a swirly dark blue, white and brown overlay

The bag I won, image borrowed from JenMeister!

I said:

Supermarkets. It is so hard to get things without plastic when you work full-time. I am investigating getting things delivered from the local organic delivery service, but I grow a lot of my veg and I don’t want to get things I already have. Our local farmers market is on a Wednesday and Friday. Er, yeah. Thanks for that!

I would love to say that it was my wit and searing insight which won my bag,  but it was Jen’s elaborate random picking process. To see what everyone else said check out the results page at JenMeister.

The bag is really lovely, well made and very strong. The fabric is really calming and gentle. Do you know about Morsbags? It’s a way of creating strong, practical bags from offcuts/curtains/pillowcases etc which are then given away. The concept is lovely and there are ‘pods’ all over the world creating them and giving them away. Find out more here.

Morsbag in my garden on a shovel

My outdoor shot of the Morsbag - sorry about the shadows!

It was so lovely receiving a little parcel from Australia – not only did it have the Morsbag (which I started using straight away), but Jen also made some recycled envelopes for me – it was very, very kind of her. I really like Jen’s site – she posts all sorts of crafty things she does and includes lots of photos – which is something I really need to improve on for my blog (you would never guess I like taking photos!). Her posts are inspiring, mainly as she makes things seem achievable, rather than overwhelming, unlike some sites! I recommend you take a wander over there and have a look.

It has given me a bit of a kick up the backside to get on and make my pay it forward gifts and maybe at some point hold a give away of my own.


2 thoughts on “I won!

  1. EcoYogini says:

    yay! congrats 🙂 very cute bag.

    those pay it forward gifts aren’t going so well for myself… haha. i’m just not crafty! i’m sure i can figure something out though…..

  2. JenMeister says:

    Thanks for the lovely write up 🙂 I’m glad you like the bag, it looks right at home propped up outside! I tell you there are days when I struggle to get photos going, especially when I feel the urge to take them at odd times of the day (and my camera is on its last legs!)

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