No poo – for a whole year!

No – I am not severely constipated, I am talking about shampoo!

My hair has always been my ‘thing’. People would often comment on the frequency of my hair changes – colour and style. I had short hair for a very long time and would style it in a variety of funky ways and it has been many, many colours including green, blue, purple and red. I really do dread to think how much I have spent on it over the years. It has always been a major way for me to express myself and today is no different.

I had  started to grow my hair, to save on the 6 weekly hair cut costs and to make it as long as possible for the wedding, when I thought about my red hair colour, which is my current colour of choice. I realised that of course that wasn’t even slightly green or in keeping with my trying to cut down on unnecessary man-made chemicals to use commercial dyes and so I swapped to dying it with henna. I use Lush’s Caca Rouge, so it is as red as I can get it. It take a long time – 5 hours in total and creates a severe amount of mess, I use a whole newspaper preventing the bathroom from also being dyed,  but it means I still feel like my hair is part of my personality without an environmental cost.

When I read this blog post entitled ‘no poo’ (tbh I thought she was talking about something else when I saw the title!) I thought – right. I can do that. Looking for the reference to that post has made me realise I have been no poo for a whole year! Amazing!!

What am I talking about? Well now I don’t use any shop bought shampoo or conditioner for my hair at all, just water, massage and a vinegar, redbush tea and rosemary essential oil mix for a rinse/conditioner. I also brush my hair for about 4 minutes in the morning and evening, massaging my scalp in the process. I only wash it once or twice a week now, as it doesn’t seem to need any more than that.

It took me a while to get to the stage, I am at now I started by using a bicarbonate of soda and water mix to wash my hair, but I phased this out over a few months. I didn’t go through a greasy stage at all, but it didn’t feel normal for a while. Occasionally I feed it some more by giving it a hot, rosemary infused olive oil treatment, or a mayonnaise treatment. I smear one or the other on for about half an hour and then wash it out. On these occasions I do have to use soap (my handmade stuff) to wash it out, otherwise it does look oily.

Now my hair is growing well, is healthy, bouncy and has got back its natural curls – I love it and its shiny redness! It also means I can skip a whole section of the supermarket and I save money not buying shampoo or conditioner.

Have you gone ‘no poo’? How did you find it?If not – think about giving it a try to let me know how you get on. I really love knowing my hair isn’t dependent on SLS and other toxics.


9 thoughts on “No poo – for a whole year!

  1. EcoYogini says:

    very cool- i admire you. haven’t gone there yet. we’re actually stepping closer- found a shampoo that with my chemical conditioner works pretty well (although Andrew HATES the shampoo, he tolerates it with the conditioner lol). one step at a time…

    also- très cool with the henna dye!!

    when’s the wedding anyways?? ours is coming up… October is already about 4 months away… ACK

  2. Give it a go – its really easy!

    My wedding isn’t till July NEXT year, so plenty of time for hair growing and everything else!

    4 months hey? I hope its all going smoothly!

  3. JenMeister says:

    Nice work 🙂 I thought at the beginning that you were committing to go shampoo-free for a year, not that you already had! Nice work. It’s something I might try once my current stock runs out… Can you believe I don’t use conditioner or brush my hair? I have thin straight hair, and I just let it air-dry after my morning wash and it somehow behaves 😀

  4. aimee says:

    love your post – would you be willing to give out the specific recipe for the shampoo mix that you make? (how much vinegar, tea, and oil)? i’ve always wanted to try and seeing you’re not dealing with oily issues (my big fear), i’d love to try this…

  5. Sara Duke says:

    I stopped using shampoo for about 4 months once. I was working a contract job in a very cold part of the world and I had to wear a hat all the time anyway. My hair didn’t really look oily but it wasn’t smooth and shiny either. I could style it in crazy ways though and it would stick, unlike my normal super slippery and fine/straight hair. It was fun going sans shampoo. If you shared your recipe I’d consider it again. Thanks!

  6. sharon says:

    I have been trying the bicarbonate and vinegar mixes for some time now, but don’t find they work all that well for me. I would also be grateful for your shampoo and conditioner recipe if you are obliging 🙂

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