More no poo!

Once again it has been rather a long time since I have posted. All I can say is I have been enjoying my last days ofo freedom – I start my new job teaching on Monday. I am really excited but somewhat nervous! I have been making quite a few crafty things, which I will share soon, and enjoying some nice walks in the woods.

Thank you for all if your comments about going no poo. A couple of you asked what my recipe was which rather made me laugh as that makes it sound all rather planned out! Intially it was trial and error but I do now have something which seems to work for me.

As I said when I first started I made up a thick paste of some bicarbonate of soda and water and scrubbed that through my hair. Now I just use water and I massage the roots well.

For the conditioner rinse bit I take 500ml bottle of White vinegar, put half of the vinegar elsewhere (mine is in a squirty bottle for cleaning purposes)and then fill the rest of it up with redbush tea. If you are blonde I would suggest a chamomile tea. Then I add 20 drops of rosemary essential oil and give it all a good shake. To use I put a couple of palmfuls of it all over my hair after the water-massage bit and then leave it while I wash the rest of me then rinse it out with water.

That’s it! That’s my grand recipe. *snort*. I really do think though that my major aspect of this is lots of brushing and only washing it once a week.

All rather old fashioned really. I hope that has answered your questions about hair. This has been another good lesson for me in blogging – I thought I had been clear in my explainations and I obviously hadn’t been as a few of you asked for my recipe. Ah well I hopefully always improving.


5 thoughts on “More no poo!

  1. EcoYogini says:

    hehe- that’s what I gathered from your other post, that you used to have a system, but sort of stopped needing it. It’s really amazing that your hair does well with just water, vinegar and redbush tea!

    Also- Congratulations on the new job!!!! 🙂


  2. dubgirl says:

    good luck for the new job, hope the kids are ok x

  3. Ms B. Thrift says:

    Heaps of luck for your new job!!!

  4. sharon says:

    haha …. as in all things, they work best when they kind of just come into being all on their own
    Thanks for the recipe and ALL WELL for the new job.

  5. […] I am also going to mix up some bicarbonate of soda and some vinegar hair rinse as I start preparing to think about going back to no poo. You can read about my previous attempts at this here and here. […]

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