Another random post from me I am afraid. I cannot believe it has been a week since my apologetic last post, where has the time gone? I really am not too sure at all. My first week of the school holidays has very much been spent doing boring errand things which I can’t do when I am at school – doctors, hospital and dentist to name a few of the fun things I have been up to!

But now the holiday starts properly – my OH has some time off work as we are heading off for two weeks together on Tuesday – the longest time we have spent together since we have been going out (over two years now). We are going camping in Cornwall and then staying in my mum’s caravan in Dorset. We were given a GINORMOUS tent for my birthday, which quite frankly can sleep at least 6 people in, but then both Gavin and I are tall people and we both get back problems if we are hunched over. I am greatly looking forward to seeing the campsite. After being horrified at how much the campsites are: £20 a night TO CAMP seems to be the norm, I spent ages searching and I found a reasonably priced one which has eco toilets and showers, along with a real stone circle and they actively encourage you to have fires. I am looking forward to it and seeing Gavin’s reactions to the eco-toilets, I am hoping they are the ones on stilts, where you are up in the air. I really like them for some reason – I am also fairly sure he won’t!

We are spending our time in Cornwall visiting things – The Eden Project, The Tin Mine museum, Witchcraft Museum and Tintagel. Then in Dorset we are going to do nothing, except laze on the beach. Both of us are very fair and burn easily so the beach involves little pop up shelters and wind breaks to hide behind. We like the warmth of the sun, but not the actual sun on us – there is a fear that we are going to spontaneously combust.

So, this is to say it is unlikely there will be any posts for about three weeks  – so not really any change, but on this occasion it is planned rather than laziness! I hope you are having a nice summer and you get some time away from the every day norm as well.


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