Post holiday blues

Hello! I am back from my holidays and I have to say it was a rather typical British camping holiday, in that it rained pretty much every day! Which takes its toll after a while. But it was lovely spending some time with my other half, like most people there is never enough of it during our day-to-day lives.

I will  be sharing some photos soon, Cornwall really is lovely and I highly recommend it. Although I would say that a campsite on the edge of Bodmin Moor sounds romantic and exciting, but in reality means being continually battered with wind and rain!

What I want to talk about is how the change of routine has affected me and my body. One normally expects to be coming home from holiday feeling refreshed and relaxed. It hasn’t quite worked like that for me.

While we have been away I  didn’t do any yoga or running and I haven’t been drinking anyway near as much water as I do normally and I have been eating rather rubbishy food. Apart from the clotted cream and REAL Cornish Pasties, the rest of it has tended to be rather on the processed side, or fried, or …. well you get the picture. To be honest I didn’t really think about it until I came home – we were on holiday – right?! You don’t want to worry about exercise, or drinking enough water, or eating right while on holiday.

Well, I am paying for it now. My skin is so dry – everywhere. I normally have dry skin anyway, but now I feel like I want a drip rehydrating me, or to have a permenant shower of water, or keep slavering on cream every five minutes. I seem to have constant headaches, I feel sluggish and rather depressed too (although I had a touch of that before I went away – I don’t cope well with not being busy – damn these long summer holidays).  I really do believe this is down to the lack of exercise, water and the poor diet.

So, since I have got home my rather wonderful other half went out and got me the items on my hastily written shopping list (I really couldn’t face the shops) and I have made a clear vegetable soup, which I will be eating for the next few days, along with homemade smoothies. I will also be eating french bread. Yes, I do realise that I would feel a lot better a lot quicker without the bread, but I need some carbohydrates and I must have something that I love, otherwise I will burst into my local corner shop and ransack the chocolate section (its become so much harder to cut down on chocolate since Cadbury’s Dairy Milk went Fair Trade!).

I did some yoga this morning, although I was too weak and pathetic to complete a full hour, I did manage about 20 minutes and then a further 20 mins of meditation. Oh – I haven’t told you about my new adventures into yoga have I? Hmm, a post for another day.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the holiday, weather aside, and I will share some of the good things with you soon, it’s just right now I had to share this and I thought you would understand how I am feeling. A lesson learned for future holidays that’s for sure.


5 thoughts on “Post holiday blues

  1. dubgirl says:

    sorry to hear it wasnt so good, but love Cornwall, would love to live there. Take it easy and ease your way back x

  2. Frugal Trenches says:

    So sorry re your comment ((((hugs))))

    Food has such a profound effect on my body, poor choices just have consequences for at least 2 weeks for me.

    Glad your holiday was good, minus the rain!

  3. Ms B. Thrift says:

    Sorry you’ve returned a little worse for wear, could have been a combination of the weather and water changes i suppose, hope you manage to regain some balance again soon and feel better x

  4. Juliab says:

    I have just discovered “sour dough” bread. It’s made with natural yeasts as opposed to brewers yeast, and it doesn’t blow me up and make me feel horrid as ‘normal’ bread does. There is an “artisan” bread shop in our village which charges a fortune for the stuff, but the difference is so vast, and the bread so deelish, that I can’t help myself. I feel like a drug addict!!! I am currently investigating ways to make my own sourdough starter with natural yeast and so far, have found a method using a bunch of grapes (I might try it with wild plumbs), flour and water!!!

    Good luck with your “detox” .. I know exactly what you mean. And lucky you going to Cornwall. Did you go to Druid camp???


  5. Thanks for all of the supportive and encouraging posts. I am feeling better in my body through eating better. Although as I have been decorating this week my diet can still vastly improve.

    Just by drinking large amounts of water I have started to feel so much better.

    Julia – I wasn’t at Druid Camp – I didn’t know one was on there!

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