Equal pay for women not likely till 2067

So this news came out today –

Equal pay for women not likely till 2067.

I think that deserves the repetition and the bold writing.

A good article about it all is here at the Guardian but essentially the headline sums it up. But this is just  looking at senior directors/managers – never mind the rest of us lower down the scale. And it doesn’t even touch the issue of the pay comparisons of traditionally female and male roles – i.e Dustbin men earn £35k a year, where as care assistants earn pretty much minimum wage.

Just the Directors and managers and it is even worse in IT and pharmaceutical industries. By the way we are not talking about small amounts here – we are talking £14k a year difference between men and women doing the same job.

The equal pay act was passed 40 years ago people and this is still an issue. To put this all another way:

“Girls born this year will face the probability of working for around 40 years in the shadow of unequal pay,” said CMI’s head of policy, Petra Wilton.

Shocking, hey?

I don’t really have anything else to say about this  and I would point you in my favourite feminist sites for more comprehensive feminist deconstructing, but none of them seem to have posted about it yet. So you just have me. And really – do we need a feminist argument as to why this is wrong, it shouldn’t be the case etc, etc, it’s all so obviously wrong – right?

Just read the comments on that Guardian article and feel sick.

Interestingly I couldn’t find this story on the front page of the BBC news site, which is funny as I heard about the story as I was listening to the BBC Radio 2 while decorating with my (almost) in-laws.


One thought on “Equal pay for women not likely till 2067

  1. EcoYogini says:

    ugh. this is terrible… and sadly not a surprise. 😦

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