very bad blogger

So, it has been well over three months since I last posted. Sorry about that!

The reason? Mainly my job: working in a secondary school has not been enjoyable for me at all. To be fair this is a particularly rough school, but even so, I have realised that I do not enjoy working with this age group.

I don’t feel that the last six months have been a waste of time, I have learnt a lot and I would have always wondered if I would enjoy working in a school. The answer is a very emphatic no! I don’t like moaning at people about their uniform and I feel very hypocritical telling them to take out piercings and they have to get rid of their hair dye. I have a top ear stud, my nose is pierced and over the years my hair has pretty much been every colour available!

I also don’t like the lower school, I find them far too needy for my liking, not to mention the fact that I don’t like what I have to teach at that level.

So, what’s happening now? Well have 10 hours teaching in the sixth form college (16-19 years old) where I did my placement, which I am very pleased about and there is a chance that the hours may increase. It is a (another) huge pay cut, but I cannot have continued as I was. I have applied for several other part-time jobs teaching English, but as a result of the Government cuts there have been a lot of functional skills and adult literacy courses cut. In addition Parliment is just about to vote on cutting the EMA – Educational maintenance Allowance – which pays students for staying in college. This means that there are likely to be fewer students next year, and so less chance of me getting my contract renewed.

Teaching is not a stable, job for life anymore that is for sure.

There is a lot to comment on in English politics at the moment, not to mention global ones, but let’s start off nice and gentle first. I am back and I plan to be blogging more regularly (although I have said that before), I am hoping to have more creative energy now, so fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “very bad blogger

  1. dubgirl says:

    Hello, good to see you blogging again, sorry to hear about work, I think things are only going to get tougher. Hope something better comes along, are you ready for Yule? x

  2. I had a very quiet Yule, all tucked away at home! I am in a hibernation mood at the moment

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