Great start!


Well, so far I have had a great start to the year, my new job is going brilliantly and I have completed one of my goals!

I am very happy in  my new job, I feel like I am in the right environment for me, which makes me much more relaxed and I enjoy it more. I know it sounds silly, but wearing jeans, docs and sitting on my desk means a lot to me. I have already picked up another two hour’s worth of work and I hoping that in time that will increase. We shall have to see!

I have also managed to complete my goal of being able to run 5K without having to walk. This has made me also very happy. It has been a while (ahem, 8 years) since I have been this fit, so it is great. I am using a diary to write down all of my exercise and I am trying to follow the 10% rule of only doing 10% more mileage/time each week. This is part of my plan to try not to injure myself and I hoping that it will work.

Yesterday my Grove and I met up, which was really lovely. What was also good to hear is that the majority of the Grove is struggling to have any sort of connection as well; it made me feel a lot better to know that I wasn’t alone in my darkening and feeling abandoned by my beliefs! We had soup, tea and cake sitting out over looking the South Downs of Kent, watching the sky change colour as the sun went down. It was very relaxing and good to be talking with my friends again – we missed our Yule ritual due to the extremely bad snow in the area. I am sure many other Pagans feel like this: it is great to be amongst other Pagans, where one doesn’t have to explain anything, everyone just understands. My wonderful OH was instrumental in pushing me out of the door, ignoring my protests that I have no connection. He is right – it’s not going to get any better sat indoors!

While I was chatting with the OH, before he pushed me out of the door, he said to me that this isn’t my time of year. I didn’t know what he meant as I quite like the winter, don’t suffer from SAD, or miss the light. He laughed and said that the  year goes like this:

Spring – RRRAAAAHHHHHH, everything is growing! Pushing up new buds! Coming to life. Going crazy!!!

Summer – everything is just lying around in the sun, eating everything, getting fat, enjoying relaxing, just absorbing and chill out…

Autumn – right, quick! We need to get ready! Chuck away the leaves! Hide the nuts! Build up supplies for winter! Get ready!!!

Winter – okaaay, just sit here, in the warm, it’s cold outside, eating the supplies, nope going stay here…..

I think he is absolutely correct – I am spring and autumn! I am both of these types, I seem to run at full pelt the whole time, have loads to do and enjoy DOING THINGS! Strange how I have never thought of this – and yet he has.

So, what about you – how’s your calendar year started and what season do you think you are?


One thought on “Great start!

  1. EcoYogini says:

    i’m so glad you’re doing well and that you had a nice meeting with your Grove!
    Also, I can TOTALLY hear your accent when you did you OH describing seasons. So fun! (and I agree, they are exactly like that!).

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