Lots of sock creatures!

On a much lighter note than the last post – after a friend brought me a book on making sock creatures for my birthday I have been making quite a few of them. They are great fun to make, just require a pair of socks, some thread and buttons/embroidery thread.

It has made me realise that I really enjoy hand sewing things and was the starter for me working on my quilt. If I have to get the sewing machine out, it turns into a major project –  I have to get it out, clear the table and, and, and….! In reality it is not that much work, but there does appear to be a mental block.

I also like projects where I can talk to my OH, or watch some TV in the evenings. To be honest I have discovered one of my favourite pastimes is working on a project on a Sunday afternoon, watching Agatha Christie’s’ Poirot. Sad really, I am only 31, not 61. Nevermind, it will be our little secret!

First of all, apologies for the photographs, I have got into the rather lazy habit of using my iPhone to take photos, rather than a proper camera. I will sort this out at some point, I promise! I have another post of iPhone pics before I start getting my act together.

the beginnings of a sock creature

Work in progress!

Here is an empty version – with the legs and body sewn.

Little family of sock creatures sat on a sofa

Sock rabbit, sock monkey and sock elephant!

The monkey is for an adult – the friend who gave me the book, which is why he has button eyes, the rabbit and elephant are for a one year old and a one and a half-year old, so I thought that embroidering their eyes would be a more child-proof option!

Sock rabbit under a scarf

Snug little rabbit!

This is a close up of the rabbit, who is for my niece. He is sat under the scarf I also knitted for my niece. To be honest I think she preferred the colouring crayons I also got her. Oh well!

crocodile made out of socks!

Last, but not least: the sockodile!

And, finally the sockodile I made for my OH. This was the most complicated to make, because of his back and the teeth, which you can just about make out.

So there you go, a whole host of presents made from simple socks and a (quite) bit of time.


One thought on “Lots of sock creatures!

  1. The OH says:

    I love my Sockodile!

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