I am feeling pulled in many directions at the moment. Even my blogging is separated and calling me to different places.

I have my wedsite blog, which I don’t really do a lot with at the moment. I expect in the run up to the wedding there will be more and more happening on there, but even so, it is pulling at my mind.

Colleagues blog – this is password protected site where I and a few of my colleagues from my PGCE last year all share our thoughts with one of our tutors. He gets data for his PhD study and we get help and support. I really love this site as it makes being a new teacher a lot less lonely.

And just because that wasn’t enough, this week I have set up my teaching blog – where I put up all class information, homework, presentations and general thoughts too. I am thinking of doing some podcasts for one of my subjects, which has a lot of theory. It seems to have been well received by my students, so we shall see how it goes. It does mean that I am really paranoid about using the wrong login for something! I really don’t want my students finding this site!

This is just one way in which I am pulled at the moment, I also have lots of creative projects that I want to do, but there are so many of them that I also most get paralysed by indecision of which one to work on at a time! And the end result is I work on nothing!

I find the internet is such a source of time sapping for me and I really should stop myself! Another thing which affects my time is when I changed jobs I was only working part-time, which was great from a ‘having time to myself to be able to create’ point of view. Less good from the money side of things. I have been really lucky and I have been given extra hours of being a photography technician at my college. I am really pleased – it is a bit of extra money and I suspect it will end up encouraging me to get back to my photography. On the other hand it has totally removed my crafting time! I really mustn’t complain though I have been really lucky to have been given the extra work.

How do you manage to fit it all in? Posting this has given me the drive to go and do some knitting while catching up on some new Poirot episodes I have Sky+d.



3 thoughts on “Pulled

  1. EcoYogini says:

    i hear ya. I have no idea how people manage more than one blog. I tried two, but i rarely write in ‘HalifaxYoga Community’.

    I love the idea of podcasts for your teaching job though- VERY cool. And congratulations on getting more hours!

    I think it’s fine to set limits and boundaries on how much time you spend online or on the computer… i’ve found i can get a little carried away and then miss out on things I love. like the guitar…. and singing. 🙂

  2. dubgirl says:

    there is no way I could manage more than one blog, cant even manage that at times. I do set time limits for the blogging and internet, but usually excede them!! I find a lot of time is spent catching up with the blogs that I follow. Well done on the extra job x

  3. says:

    Hello, found your blog via “Writing Our Way Home” – gosh, I so understand what you mean about the paranoia of mixing up log-ins etc. when you have your own blog and your student blog – I’m in the same situation and it sometimes worries me, but so far so good as far as I’m aware!

    Good luck with it all, it’s fun.

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