Yearly goal update

Hello there

Today I have a very important interview, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I thought I would give you an update on my yearly goals:

To run 5K without walking

Yep, I completed this in February I think!

To train for, and run, a 10K race without injuring myself

Not only did I manage this, but I kicked arse! My first 10K was done on the 5th June at Bluewater, Kent at an astounding time of 1hr 10 mins! I was so, so happy and in fact I still am every time I think about it! I have been surprised how much I love running – it has turned into my meditation practice, gives me valuable time to myself and allows me to feel strong in myself.

It has taught me that I can achieve a goal without throwing myself at it at 20 million miles an hour and that a slow and steady approach does get there in the end. This is a really valuable lesson for me, as I tend to hurtle around crashing into things.

By the way that is a Buff on my head. If you don’t know what that is you should find out! I love the things, but apparently I have a tendency to bore people about them, so I won’t tell you!

To have a happy and enjoyable wedding

Still a work in progress really – but time is ticking away, quite frankly it is bloody scary! It’s the 30th of July – so really not long at all to go.

To finish my quilt

My quilt is finished and I am incredibly proud of it – possibly unreasonably so, but it is the biggest project I have undertaken and completed. I am very impressed with myself and I will do a full post on it soon.

To do my grade 3 exam in the flute

I have my grade 3 next Friday and I am really, really nervous. I also feel a bit of an idiot being 32 and taking an exam that children do when they are 5 or something. But I enjoy playing the flute and I am sad that I can’t do it next academic year. This is why am taking my flute exam a few weeks before my wedding, rather than in November as was the original plan!

To enjoy work

Ha! Well, you have seen my education, education, oh bollocks post. So I have greatly enjoyed my work, but it really hasn’t worked out the way that I thought it would – there are no jobs available to me. Part of this is because I have decided to specialise in further education (16 year olds plus as a general rule), rather than school, but even so, there is not many jobs available.

To find additional work

Yep, I did – working in the photography department of the college, but that actually ends in July.

So, some really great, positive stuff in there – which I am pleased about, the only thing that hasn’t gone entirely to plan is the work situation. Hopefully I will able to shed some light on that soon.


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