Kick ass and well covered women!

I love fantasy and sci-fi. Really love them – that’s one of the geeky things my OH and I share. Comics, films, games – anything. But more often than not I get cross about the way women are portrayed.

When the new version of Dungeons and Dragons came out there was a new race – the Dragonborn. They are cool, lizard like things – but D&D drew them with breasts. And big ones at that. WTF? lizards don’t even have mammary glands….

Let’s not even talk about Suckerpunch.

Or Watchman

Or, well lots of stuff.

I get really irate and it can ruin an otherwise great film for me.

See the thing is I used to do Viking re-enactment, where we hit each other with swords. I dressed as a man and had a fantastic time hitting people, shooting them and running around like a lunatic (but all within H&S rules –  obviously). But let me tell you – high heels? No place for them – push up bra covered in a bit of chainmail – nope, not going to work. On any battlefield.

And so I was delighted to find this blog Women fighters in reasonable armor. It really made me smile. (h/t to BoingBoing – which if you in any way consider yourself a geek you should be reading). I particularly liked this video.


One thought on “Kick ass and well covered women!

  1. I’ve seen that video before and really got a kick from it.

    I, as a male gamer, of course love what you hate, but I also get it…I get the fact that it is silly, ridiculous, preposterous, possibly even demeaning, and completely impractical. So I appreciate your point of view and was happy to have found it 🙂

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