huh, isn’t it funny? I post up a load of worries and then I walk to town to pick up some books from the library and they all just disappear.

Don’t you find that? Sometimes vocalising things alieviates the problem.

I don’t know why I am worrying so much about what I wear….I have pretty much worn the same stuff forever (outside of work that is), I am on my fourth pair of docs since college and that is only because they have worn out from being worn solidly all winter. I have jeans and various black, purple, green or blue tops & jumpers. That is it.

It has never stopped people liking me (that I know anyway), nor stopped me doing anything. Why should this be any different? I have just been intimidated by it being an ‘arts’ university. I did do a Theatre degree. Wearing pretty much the same stuff as I do now (with more of a goth influence when going out), you could say that is fairy artsy in and of itself. Admittedly I didn’t do a great deal of acting stuff, if we did practical work I was mainly in the stage management side of things, hanging out with the techies, smoking vast amouts ofrollies, drinking loads of tea and living off of toast.

So, time to focus on getting ready for the course academically. And of course I don’t know why I am worrying about that. When I did my PGCE I really over-studied. I am sure I will do the same again here.

I really need to stop worrying so much (in oh so many ways!)



One thought on “relief

  1. verdant1 says:

    Docs are great – I bought my first pair last year and fell in love (more so once we’d broken each other in). I wear mine to work (I’m a public servant here in NZ). As I have the mid-calf zippy ones (with laced front – cheats’ Docs!) they go great with most of my skirts as well as trousers (I prefer wide-legged and drapey). And the skirts they don’t go with? Well, I’ll alter those or they can go!
    I’ve just bought my second pair – same style but black patent with red plaid sides. My dear hubby can’t believe they’re work shoes!
    So, yes, be yourself. You are wonderful just as you are. And take heart, if you do want to dress up, you can still wear Docs 🙂

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