Masters and update

So, I think I should post you a little update on my life as once again it is all change! As I said before I am no longer teaching, basically due to there being no jobs.

However, in addition to that I have realised something. I miss my spreadsheets. And budgets. And organising things! I know, someone who misses spreadsheets – I must be a freak!

I have 10 years of marketing under my belt and I want to be able to use all of that experience in the arts. And so I start an MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy next Tuesday. I am simultaneously excited and scared! Not least of the the bloody loan repayments that start at crippling rates as soon as I graduate!

I have been having a difficult time for the past few weeks, as I was expecting to be supply teaching by now to pay my way. Unfortunately no work has come up. In addition temping agencies don’t want to know (there are loads of people with much more flexibility and availability than me) and it is really quite difficult to get an appointment with the people who deal with the recruitment at the local shopping centre. Even the local supermarkets don’t have any jobs.

I don’t deal well with sitting around at home doing nothing. It is not good for me. And I have loads of craft projects that I could be doing, and yet I am not doing them because I feel somewhat paralysed with guilt at not earning, or working. I love to work – I get more done in my free time when I am busy – I find it hard to get stuff done when I don’t have a time pressure. The busier I am the more I do.

If you want something done then give it to a busy woman! I am the absolute epitamy of that it has to be said.

I can’t even go for long training runs at the moment as I am tapering for a race this weekend – I am very excited about that  – details to follow after the event!

Hopefully supply work will start coming in soon and with university I will be back to being totally hectic again – just how I like it.


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