Funky singing

When I couldn’t afford my flute lessons any longer (you know, going back to being a student and all) I wanted to find a way that would allow me to have a musical output.

I have always loved singing, but many choirs around here tend to be focused solely on religious music, which doesn’t really suit me (although I love singing classical pieces). I eventually found Funky Voices and they are just that – funky! There is no audition, you don’t have to read music (although I have to admit it has taken me a long time to get used to singing by ear, rather than from a score) and it is just good fun.

It has taken a while for me to get used to that idea – what, it can be fun? I don’t have to be perfect?! Or work towards an exam?! I can just do something for fun?! This is not an idea that I am used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love running – but I am always trying to get faster, or run for longer – trying to work towards perfect in other words.

The artistic director is great fun – and she wants us to have fun. While she is conducting us she pulls faces at us and dances around and swears a lot. I was worried when I first went about trying to dress down a bit, so my hair colour and piercings didn’t stand out too much – I wasn’t sure who would be going. Sandra has waaaay more piercings than I have,  and more tattoos too, so I didn’t need to worry.

Our ‘uniform’ is great – we buy any black top that we like and iron on a logo and pair it with a black bottom bit of clothing- it looks great, each person wearing what suits them!

I am really enjoying it – I have taken part in a couple of little concerts and in a couple of weeks we have our annual show – it is going to be massive – apparently there are more lights than Status Quo had in their last tour! If you are in Essex, UK then come along.   I am really excited about singing with 500 other people!

If you enjoy singing why don’t you look out for a group in your neck of the woods? I guarantee there is nothing better than participating musically in a large group. As Madge from Grease 2 said “It is better to play with others than by yourself”. *Snort*







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