Glue in the carpet

My husband has his own blog over at Glue in the Carpet.

It is a very niche blog, and as such has a much wider readership than mine – he blogs about wargaming miniatures and all the things that go along with that.

I am very proud as he has just been asked to review a book.

So, I thought I would share it with you, just in case any of you have geeky other halves too who would enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “Glue in the carpet

  1. armaitus says:

    Niche blogs are the way forward – I’ve thought about writing a LARP blog for a while now.

    I just worry about having sufficient LARP topics to blog about.

    Mr Dark Purple Moon’s blog looks pretty cool. I’d be surprised if Huddersfield’s wargamers weren’t already aware of it 🙂

  2. I know, I am sure that is why I have continually low hits on my blog – it is far too sporadic and wide ranging in what I talk about.

    If they post regularly on TMP and other wargamers forums then they will have heard about it – he posts a lot on there.

    I am sure you would find lots of LARP topics to post about – I think the more you write, the more you have to write about

  3. armaitus says:

    The problem with having a varied topic blog is that my own personal opinion, politics and beliefs seep into it.

    Actually that isn’t really a problem… not for me at least.

    I do find that I have alienated some of the audience I have built up from one social group by posting beliefs that maybe more relevant to another social group.

    For example, my anti-trade union beliefs have, in the past, caused some LARP friends to “unfriend” me. I may blog about that in fact, it is an odd phenomenon – we still talk at events, say Hi and act like nothing has changed but deep down, those people don’t feel they can be associated through social networking to someone who has such strongly opposed opinions to themselves.

    I also know that as more and more of my paranormal/magickal based posts come through, I am likely to get a similar reaction from my atheist-science-is-god-but-we-won’t-accept-that-science-is-the-new-religion friends.

    If I split my blogs into relevant topics then it would remove some of that – however, I would likely be spamming them to the same set of social circles – so the reactions would still happen.

    My Father has several blogs ranging from book reviews through education related and onto holiday journals. This keeps him nice and relevant on each of his blogs but does spread his posts fairly thin.

  4. Hmm, I know what you mean – I have got around that fact by not publicising this to anyone I know – I have not associated my name to this blog directly, I don’t link it to my FB account, my twitter account is under this name too.

    I don’t want to split into new blogs – I struggled when I had a teaching blog for my students, blogging for a specific group and this one. I felt under a lot of pressure and didn’t write many for any as a result.

    I will just post randomly and accept that I do not have many readers! The whole thing for me is my personal beliefs and political opinions – that is what most of the posts are!

  5. armaitus says:

    Exactly! That’s exactly why I write on my blog. I enjoy that I get responses (good or bad) from my friends.

    I think the difference is that I enjoy experimenting with social media. It interests me (in a rather dull techie way) to monitor trends in readership based on when I post, what I post and who reads the posts.

    As long as I can write in a balanced manner well enough to stop losing readership in future I should be OK 🙂

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