Rat Race

This weekend I completed my first ever adventure race – the Capital Capers – Rat Race.

It was set in London & unlike normal races there wasn’t a route set out – it was across the whole of London.

It was good- we got given a map, some checkpoints and set off for 2.5 hours of running. The checkpoints that I stopped at included having a bucket of water chucked over me in a car wash, climbing a wall, throwing and catching an egg with my partner (it mustn’t hit the floor, or it’s a fail), karaoke singing, finding little chip readers and other strange stuff.

All of these are great, but a climbing wall, in running shoes, when you have just run 10K is seriously hard work!

I ran with a friend, and we did ok. We both decided that we were doing this for fun and were not fussed about getting as many points as possible. Which is good, because there were some people who were taking it seriously – I mean, really seriously.

A good example of this is when I was crossing London Bridge someone had already got to the checkpoint before me and they were charging back across the bridge – I didn’t see them, looked down and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Their shoulder had hit me on the cheekbone and knocked me to the floor. They stopped for a little while (about 10 secs) and then charged off again. Other teams stopped to help me up and make sure I was ok (I hit my head on the floor as I went down too). My OH and I worked out it was a 16 mile per hour collision! On bare skin!

I was ok, but when the adrenaline wore off at the end of the race I was in a lot of pain, so I went to the ambulance which was there. They told me to go home and head to A&E. (ER). I was not amused and wasn’t going to go, but my OH made me. Still, I got the all clear – with no breaks. However I do have a nice black eye, which is going to be a great impression to give for my first day at university.

It was a great day and has really whetted my appetite for these things! However due to my hypermobility I easily bruise/damage and heal badly. My catalogue of injuries for the day is: bad cut on my knee, twisted ankle, 3inch square (literally – it looks like a space invader) bruise on my back and a black eye! Still, that is why they make you carry a first aid kit!

I am challenged now to increase my fitness, so that next year I can do the all day version of this, with a mixture of biking/running/kayaking! Whoop!


2 thoughts on “Rat Race

  1. EcoYogini says:

    wow!!! what an adventure! I’m glad you’re ok, but you’re much more brave than I would be- a black eye and I’d be crying like a big baby lol 🙂

  2. LOL! I was very impressed wth myself that I didn’t cry. Although I have moaned about it continually ever since then!

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