Pagan Federation 40th Anniversary & Conference

The week after next the PF is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a conference and event. It is going to be held in London on the 8th & 9th of October. I am really looking forward to it and attending quite a few of the lectures.

It is a three part spectacular of a conference, evening party and picnic/day event on the Sunday.

If you can get to London it is going to be an awesome day & night. The official blurb is:

In our international conference on 8th October’11, the Pagan community will be celebrating the achievements of the  past and seeking vision, energy and new inspiration for the challenges to come. We have a vision of Paganism that is a green spirituality rooted in the earth and traditions of our ancestors. This is a living, growing spirituality that is meaningful to society today and in the future. One that honors the Divine spirit within each and in nature; one that inspires us to create a society that values and cherishes the uniqueness of each living person; a spirituality of earth and heaven, of Goddess and God, of Pagan and Heathen.

Day Conference at Royal Geographical Society, London   (doors open 9.45am- 5.30pm).  Enjoy a full day of pagan art, music, lectures, workshops, stalls and exhibitions.

Lectures, Workshops & Presentations by:

Andy Pardy, Ben Judd, Caitlin Matthews, Caroline Vermeaulen, Caroline Wise, Chris Crowley, Dennis Murphy, Emma Restall-Orr, Graham Harvey, Hildegard Maier, Julian Vayne, Katie Gerrard, Marion Green, Mogg  Morgan, Morgana, Neil Geddess-Ward, Pete Jennings, Philip Carr-Gomm, Prof. Ronald Hutton, Prudence Jones, Rufus Harrington, Simon Brighton and  Dr.Vivianne Crowley.

Address:  Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR.

To buy your tickets go to:

You can find out more about the Pagan Federation here 


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