Leaving my cave

I wrote, quite a long time ago *cough a  year and half ago – how the hell did that happen? cough* about going out and attending moots. Well I finally managed it! Huzzah!

And guess what? It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be – there were no absolute idiots, or people that made me want to run away. This has happened to me in the past and one of my friends has an excellent tale of how she met someone who was convinced that they had been abducted by an alien and had all of the secrets of the universe imparted into them.

Last month I went to the Romford Sacred Hart, which was really friendly, with nice & cheap La Tasca food (as that is where it is held). It was mainly people my age ish and I had a really nice night and I am looking forward to next week when it is on again. It was a social event that week, this month there is a talk about Goddess Spirituality, by Carrie Kirkpatrick. Her website looks a bit airy for the ultra-pragmatic me, but I will keep my mind open.

Last night I went to the Pagan Lion in Southend. Again, really lovely – held in the back room of a pub, which luckily had just had a new carpet fitted, as we were lying on the floor meditating, this was led by one of the members, who is also the Regional Co-ordinator for the area.  The meditation was optional, in case that puts you off! I started uni yesterday, which meant I was lacking in sleep (nerves and excitement resulting in 2 nights bad sleep), and so I left early, but I did enjoy myself.

It is so wonderful to talk to other Pagans, it enables you to have a conversation without having to spend so much time explaining yourself first. My Pagan friends are scattered around a bit and it requires several emails to find a diary date that we can all meet up and as we are all busy people we tend to only see each other once a quarter. Now I get to speak to Pagan people a couple of times a month.

Both are Pagan Federation moots, which is good and means I get a discount on the nights – hurrah!

So, if you are thinking about heading out into the wilds of Pagan Moots and leaving your cave then I strongly recommend that you do so! I am so glad that I did.


One thought on “Leaving my cave

  1. EcoYogini says:

    yay!! I’m so glad you had such positive experiences and are able to connect w other pagans 🙂

    Sounds very interesting, and I hope you blog about the Goddess Spirituality talk 😀

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