This web we weave

Today, just as I had finished a bit of late night gaming, I thought I would pop in on one of the blogs I read to see that latest post. And I am sat here close to tears.

There is a post there (on this occasion I do not think it is appropriate to link there) it tells of how one of the contributors, who was just about to have a baby in the next week or so, had in fact just been told that they had lost their baby. I have never met this person, and I am not generally an overly sentimental person, and am I nearly crying.

A couple of weeks ago, another blogger posted that their husband had just found out he had testicular cancer, again my inital reaction was to cry out in shock. (Again, no link for obvious reasons) When my OH asked ‘what’s wrong’ I said ‘one of my friends……’


I am not someone who makes friends easily, nor do I have lots of people that I class as friends. And yet, this lady, who lives across the other side of the planet from me, I do class as a friend. Apparently this does not make me a cyber-freaky-stalker, but this is quite common. I have had a few email conversations with her and we converse via comments on her blog.

And this weekend I met someone who I had been emailing/reading her blog and I immediatley hugged her. Really strange for me (at one point I was thinking – kind of jokingly – of putting up a sign saying ‘do not hug the bride’ at the wedding)  and yet it just felt right.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that when I started this blog I was not expecting that to happen, this was just going to be a place for me to share my random thoughts, mainly with me. And now people whose blogs I follow I class as friends and I will include in my prayers. It really is interesting – this web that we weave.


One thought on “This web we weave

  1. EcoYogini says:

    so true. i feel the same way- like we’re all friends. Twitter has especially made me feel closer to a lot more people.
    I’m sorry to hear that about your blogger friends 😦

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