Here come the girls…

…and other nauseating Christmas ads.

Now, I quite like the song “Here come the girls” from the Sugarbabes and for the last couple of years it has been used for Boots (high street chemist and general supplier of creams, lotions, potions, baby stuff, make up etc) for their adverts.

Now, I have a bit of a problem with them – don’t get me wrong I think they are clever, witty and amusing. But the overall message isn’t great in my opinion. I can’t find a clip of the latest Christmas adverts, but they are women doing ‘Mission Impossible’ type things to deliver presents for hapless brothers, dads and sorting everything out. With war-r0om style set ups, with mission boards, a table where they push presents around (like military types do with battleships/raptors depending on your viewing – my OH would tell me in an instant what this is called, but he is at the other end of the country) and then when someone appears hiding under the table, off the floor and then finally posing like Charlie’s Angels.

here come the girls - charlie's angel style  souce

Oh, I have found it now – here it is

As I said, it’s quite witty, but my concern is that it puts all of the pressure on women to be responsible for all of the xmas stuff – even down to thinking that dad has got a good present for mum. Now, I know this happens – I suspect over the years my mum wouldn’t have got anything if my sister hadn’t intervened, (although I am convinced she used to buy all of her presents and wrap them up and give them to him to put his name on).

This theme isn’t new for Boots – this one of their adverts from last year

as I said, funny and it’s funny because it is true!! But, still it does perpetuate the idea that women are responsible for everything.

Although, I will take the Boots’ adverts over the ghastly Littlewoods advert any day – at least Boots are pushing low price stuff and in an amusing way, Littlewoods propagate the idea that you have to buy extremely high-cost goods for everyone. Littlewood’s demographic is lower wage people, who generally use the catalogue to pay weekly for their things, and I am assuming that the APR is not a friendly one.

My luuuvrerly luvverly muvvvar. UGH!!!! It doesn’t help that I really don’t like children singing! At least the Boots’ one is funny and witty, as well as what is probably a reflection on what happens in many families.

What about where you are – how are things advertised over where you are – is the pressure being put on women?


4 thoughts on “Here come the girls…

  1. armaitus says:

    I abhor the Boots adverts… if anything could turn me into a misogynist (or at least into a masculinist – if such a thing exists) it is the advert with the sniffling woman who’s soldiering on despite a cold whilst her other half lazes around in bed.

    I accept that there are men out there like that – hell, I’ve even been ill enough to warrant some TLC from my OH on occasion but there is always reciprocation when she is unwell. Like for like at that (Yay for equality).

    I don’t think there are any adverts that effect me more than the boots ones… I can’t even hear the Sugarbabes track without it activating some kind of Manchurian rage switch.

    No matter what the season, adverts drive me mad. I can see the hidden hooks, the supposedly clever use of language and imagery hammering away at me, trying to make me conform and consume… it drives me mad. Once you’ve seen the FNORDS you can never un-see them.

    Television advertising has actually caused me to stop watching TV all together. On Demand and BBC are pretty much all I switch onto nowadays.

  2. I have to say that I make full use of sky plus to skip through all adverts, however as I have been ill and caught up with a whole seasons worht of Battlestar Galatica I had to watch live TV and then saw lots of adverts.

    It is nice to hear a male point of view on this, I am glad it annoys others too.

    I have to say I am rubbish at being ill and will try to carry on and then collapse when I have done to much and then turn into a hideously grumpy cow who demands attention and wants to be left alone all at the same time.

    Not heard of FNORDs., I will google it …ooooh, right up my alley, I will have to look into that more.

    BBC is awesome and I think it is well worth the TV licence – Frozen Planet has been amazing,,,, I think we do not appreciate how lucky we are to have the BBC – yes they are not perfect, but I think they do a damn good job

  3. The OH says:

    You can’t FNORD the FNORDS though.

    Took me m amoent to realise what you meant when you said pushing Raptors around – I had images of some sort of anachronistic caveman war room with armies of dinosaurs until i saw the Battlestar comment and realied you meant this:


  4. love the raptors – they are so pretty!

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