Women in gaming

Well, you have seen my rants about women’s potrayal in film and games in the past, so I was delighted to see this article in the Guardian this morning. 

We have been talking on my MA about how the arts industry is feeding into the games industry – which really is worth so much money and it is wonderful to see an article focusing on this. 

I hate how women are generally portrayed in games and films and find that I often have to turn off part of my brain to watch them or play them. And not let’s go into how my female elf got abused when I first played WoW about 5 years ago. It made me stop playing for a good couple of years.

I think young girls need to have their eyes opened to the different avenues open to them in games,” says writer Rhianna Pratchett, who has worked on several titles with strong female leads including Heavenly Sword and Mirror’s Edge. “They can be artists, animators, writers, designers, producers, programmers … We need to get them fired up about technology and find the Ada Lovelaces of the future. I think both the industry and the educational system have a role to play to achieve this. There are so many great female role-models within the games industry, but they rarely get the exposure they deserve

Well, hell yes, Rhianna. 

This quote really made me smile in rememberance. 

Killick represents a new generation that resists the notion that the games industry is a boys’ own club. “I see a lot of it as unacceptable,” she says. “All the over-sexualised female characters, hiring women to ‘decorate’ stands at games events. I don’t think this stuff has a place in the future of the industry.”

Why? Well when I was a marketing manager for an IT company, running exhibitions I constantly had to battle off the sales guys suggestions for having sexy women on the stall. And at ALL of the awards I went to and shows you could guarentee there would be at least two contingents of ‘decorative’ women. I hated it and it always made me feel so uncomfortable and it does not create a welcoming enviornment for women. Of course I never gave in, but I still had to have the conversatoin each time. 


So hurrah for this article and all the women in the gaming industry who are making it a better place!




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