Reading challenge update

As you may remember I got really excited when I heard about the reading challenge and I quickly chose the books (often based by what the library had) and reserved them straight away.

I should have known better, my library is very efficient and I quickly ended up with a huge stack of books. Oops, a little overwhelming, especially with my stack of uni books too. Nevermind, I will just renew them and plod on through.  I do already have 80p of fines from this challenge already, I really need to put the library books into my Remember the Milk system.

look at the size of the Laymon one!

I should explain that my reports on the books will not necessarily be proper book reports, such as you would turn into school, I don’t really know what they will be at this point in time, but they won’t be that.

Have any of you signed up to the reading challenge?


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