I recently had some great news, that I will be helping out on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course which really changed my life when I did it early last year. It made such a difference to me that I am really gratefully to be able to share my experiences and help others on their journey.

It is another commitment for me, but one which I feel is very much worth my time and I feel that I will really get something out of the process as well a chance to reaffirm my practice and work with others on the course again.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to do a series of posts based around my experiences of meditation, some of this will be secular, others will be more Pagan focused. The reason why I want to do these posts is that mediation is often surrounded in this mystical thing which puts people off, so I will be being fairly practical about it.

The first thing I want to discuss is how to sit – it is so important, I have slightly dodgy hips, a back which is incapable of being held up straight and various other things which means sitting in a traditional meditation posture (legs folded, knees on the ground) is impossible for me.

On one of the first meditation retreats I went on I saw people sitting on stools and I thought I have to get one. Then I thought, no – this is just me thinking that if I have the right ‘tool’ I will be able to do it properly. However someone kindly lent me theirs and I was hooked, so I bought one. I seem to recall paying £10 for it and it is has made such a difference. I can sit still for ages on one of them. The weight is off of my legs (which saves me from chronic pins and needles) and my back is straight (for me at any rate).

feet tucked under - no weight

See what I mean? Apologies about the poor lighting – in my house we get little light at this time of year and this yellow room does not help! I will be posting about my meditation space at a later time!

mediation posture

So for me, this stool allows me to sit upright (for my body at any rate – I have a slight scoliosis at the top of my spine).  I need to get a small cushion to lift my hands up too..

Sitting in a place for my mediation, settling into the position, helps me to get in the mood, to get settled and it signals to my body that I am going to be meditating now. It really helps.

What about you – do you have a special position for meditation?



6 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Juliab says:

    I like that stool … for years i’ve been kneeling with a cushion placed where the stool is, but I think the stool looks better. Where did you get it?

  2. I got it from the London Buddhist CEntre, while I was on my first retreat. I know a lot of places sell them, but you are right, it is not complicated to make if you are at all that way inclined. Wood and I came to a conculsion a long time ago not to work together!

  3. Juliab says:

    LoL .. yes you’re right … I could ask my husband but i’ll be waiting till the next life!!!

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