Kiss of a demon king

So, when I saw romance on the list of this challenge, I groaned. I don’t really ‘do’ romance at all. My OH moans that he is the romantic one and I am not.

I wasn’t overly amused to realise that I had to read a book. None the less, I sucked it up, as it is part of the genre busting challenge.

The award in question was the RITA awards. Now I have to say that I plumped for the ‘paranormal’ section becuase it was closest to my comfort zone. I know, I know, the point is to get out of my comfort zone. So I looked to see if the library had any of the other catagories (including historical, inspirational, regency historical) on their list. And they didn’t, so I was let off of the hook – paranormal it is!

Sorry about the glare, it has a library protective jacket on it

Sample from the first page: (In fact the very first paragraph)

“Whenever you have a sorcerer betweizt your thights, your powers tned to disappear”, Sabine told her sister as she sacanned the faces of the frenzied, caged humans. “It’s merely a fact of life.”

Right….it kind of goes on from there really. Let me tell you, this is not a book to be reading on the commute to London, phewey, it is really rather, extremely erotic. Hardly a page went by without some sex scene happening. Not too badly written sex scenes it has to be said, but none the less, nearly every page.

It got a bit too much to be honest. The plot was pretty much there to lurch from one kinky sex scene to the next. Now, I quite like ‘bit-lit’ it is my go to mind fluff reading, and some of them are really rather saucy (best English accent), but none the less this book was too much for me – I like the sex to accentuate the story, not be the whole story.

So, there you go, I think I will be staying away from the recommendations from this list!

Kiss of a demon king, Kresley COle


3 thoughts on “Kiss of a demon king

  1. EcoYogini says:

    haha. nice.
    I’ve read all the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. they start out with a fantastic plot line for about 5 books… then it kinda deteriorates into what you just described. But then- this series is in the horror section and not romance lol.

    • Compared to this the Anita Blake stories are a flashing of an ankle levels of smut! Maybe thats an exaggeration but the sheer quantity in this book is what did my head in more than anything!

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