For me, this time of year is a chance to turn inward, reflect and prepare for the year ahead. I LOVE this time of year, it makes me happy to draw the curtains at 4pm, light the candles and put on the lights on the tree.

For the first time ever since I left my parents’ home I have a real tree. This is mainly due to my wonderful OH, who encouraged me to make it as I wanted it. Christmas is a big deal for him, as is tradition, so for him to give up his silver tinsel tree was a big deal. I love our little tree and it will sit in the garden when we are done, ready for us next year. It is really small, but perfect for us and our home.

I have been very disciplined and focused on getting my uni essay done right at the start of the holidays, so now I can concentrate on relaxing and being creative, generally turning inwards. So, what do I have planned? Reconnect with my music; write a short story; do some brainstorming around my values; what I want to achieve each day to make me happy; spend some serious time in spiritual reflection. I am greatly looking forward to it!

My ritual was very simple this year, just me, my altar and deep thoughts and gratitude for the wonderful things in my life and the opportunities I have and prayers for others. Solitude and silence. Things I greatly enjoy.

Yuletide blessings to you all


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