Reading Challenge update

Well, I am loving this reading challenge from the Insatiable Booksluts, although I am sure that I am spending too much time doing it and not enough time studying!

If you are not sure what I am talking about then click here for the first post, then you can click on the reading challenge category for all posts.

So here, is the update of The Genre buster challenge:

Hugo Award (sci-fi/fantasy); Goblin Reservation, Clifford D Simak. Got half way through when I was ill, now I have no idea what has happened, or where I am up to, so I will have to start again. Sigh.

Nebula Award for Novels (sci-fi/fantasy); so far I don’t seem to have chosen one!

World Fantasy Award;  not this one! Maybe when I have finished the two that I have done.

Bram Stoker Best Novel Award (horror); The Travelling Vampire Show, Richard Layman. Read, and finished today, so I will do the review soon.

Aurealis award for best horror novel; The Pilo Family Circus, Will Elliot. Read, review written, but not posted

Crime Writers’ Association’s Gold Dagger (crime fiction); The Broken Shore, Peter Temple. Not started yet.

Mystery Writers of America; Dark Adapted Eye, Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell. Read, review written, but not posted

RITA awards Kiss of a Demon King, Kresley Cole. Read and review posted

Blimey, I really do have a lot of posts stacked up in the drafts queue. I didn’t want to flood you with them!

Lessons learnt? Don’t order all of the books at once, it creates unnecessary pressure on top of the other reading that I do. My library is super efficient.


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