Reading challenges

hello! Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the book challenges here? I am!

So, rather than flooding out this blog with book stuff, what I have decided to do is to continue doing the reviews for books which are part of the genre busting challenge (mainly because I have written most of them!) and keep the page summarising the 2012 End of the world challenge up to date, but post all of the reviews over at my new Good Reads account that I have set up. That can be reached at my Darkpurplemoon page over there.

I will be posting quite a few reviews, mainly because I am reading a hell of a lot for my Masters. And I am lucky in that the vast majority of them are books that you can sit down and read. Although, if I am being completely honest I have been known to sit down and read text books covers to cover, diligently taking notes. That is the reason I am a geek, and why I could, if I had the money and the time, be working on a PHD and/or several degrees and Masters at once.

Do you have a Good Reads account? I would love to find out if you do!


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