Ages and ages and ages ago, (like September 2010) I started to work on my very own quilt. My mum has been making quilts for years and is amazing at it, but quite frankly I do not have the patience for complicated patchwork, one of my most treasured possessions is the quilt she made for me when I went off to uni, it is on my bed and gets used nearly everyday. I do really enjoy projects I can do on the sofa – and when I used to do Viking re-enactment I learnt to embroider.

So, I decided to make a really simple patchwork quilt which was focusing on my embroidery.

I had no idea it was going to take as long as it did, or be as such hard work as it was. I think if I had known, then I probably wouldn’t have started.

It took me through to March 2011 to complete it, although it has taken me months to get around to photographing it. As usual the light in my house is rubbish for photos.

Here it is, complete with imperfections and mistakes, because if I had gotten hung up on perfection I would have thrown a temper tantrum and it would have never been finished. I handed quilted it, as well as hand embroidery it, so this represnts hours of work about 40 minumum I think by me and about 10 hours of patient coaching and adivce from my mum.

modelled by the handsome OH (hands and feet just visible!)

I have to say I really enjoyed having a project to work with my mum on – I learnt a lot and we got to spend lots of time together, so thanks mum!


2 thoughts on “quilt

  1. verdant1 says:

    It’s beautiful – well done!
    And I love your embroidery 🙂

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